zoom out

[ addendum to — inter(j)est — ]
slight conjecture , if one allows it …
{ and by slight , i meany massive }
— know thyself —
honesty/truth is a solution , for which escape/hiding* is no longer a viable option
at the end of the day; – no.body that honours the escapade ; yet not over-indulgence spilling into war-ship

El -ect-ric El-ohim
also compare a [french] cathedral round glass window with a speaker –
⸘ amplification ‽

* the invisible rainbow [ it’s in the queue , making this post premature ] :

and it all matters –
in the sense that it is material control used to influence the mind -> soul -> spirit …
it is illusory , as a matter of course ;
an aetherial battle waged in a lost war
[ what can i say , i do enjoy studying stratagems , perhaps a bit too much ]

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