why equality between the sexes remains elusive [and followers] – DE-VOTE TO WHOM?

[the traditional view vs the modern {WOKE}view] – or devotion defined

What is the most dangerous place to be in relation to a female? – Between her and her children. What is the most dangerous place to be in relation to a male? – Between him and God.

I absolutely love Amanda Palmer, but she has a vulnerability that is easily manipulated like most women – make her fearful for the safety of those around her, and you can make her do anything you want – e.g., give those she loves a harmful vaccine.

there is a beautiful koan (?) about a female devotee that wishes to study zen. She goes to a monastery, and asks to study under the master. The master sees she is sincere, but tells her that her presence will be a distraction to the other monks/devotees. She is simply too beautiful! And the students are still too weak. She leaves dejected. What does she do next?

That evening, on her voyage [back home? to another monastery/master?] she starts a fire for the evening. She places an iron rod into the fire. She cuts her hair while the iron gets scolding hot. Finished saying goodbye to her hair (grieving), she grabs the iron and scolds her face. She returns to the same monastery (best come-back ever? compare her come-back with kim kardashians!) and the master admits her on sight! That is devotion! She is a viking female warrior! She is Joan of Arc! She is Kassiani! She has just sacrificed the outward feminine! She is now ready to become a whole human being [holy]!

Trigger warning to the following-followers (?): to the wokesters, to feminists, to those who believe the sexes are equal, to the catholics, to the polish; to those who worship anything before God, tradition, ancestors … including those who war-ship their wives, their mothers, more than God. To quote Donna: “No! Not in front of the kids!” Women, step aside!

To Tadeusz Kościuszko:

[and this is why “ukraine” isn’t real; the people only follow hugely charismatic leaders – be it Bohdan Zynoviy Mykhailovych Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Adolph Hitler, or Zelensky – I do not blame Zelensky, I blame the idiots who voted for him – peasant farmers following tell-a-vision rather than that other famous guy; what was his name?- died and rose from the dead, i tell ya …]

If on the road to enlightenment, one comes across buddha – kill buddha.
[do not follow one’s idols all the way]

Taras Bulba was adament that his sons would not go to Krakow [the kyiv academy, overseen by polish nobility, was feminine enough]

This is the current president of thee Ukraine:

Hardy HAR har! A jewish comedian! All valiant warriors, defenders of your faith! Line up behind this puppet! Follow larry david to fight the Kyivan-Rus!
the final joke is on him: he chose not to clean up after himself! A man cleans himself up. Eh, easier to cut off one’s foreskin [sacrificing the sexual pleasure of both women and men!] than clean the piss of one’s own cock! HAR! Very funny indeed! Get to a BAR! HAR-BAR!


This is to say that Zelensky is an actor, and a shitty comedian. It means he is laughably unqualified for the office he holds (if it were anything but a facade to western imperialism).



the fact that he is jewish is a great cover for the crazy ukrainian nazis

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