what war ? what, indeed …

in order to rationalize the worst directions of science – the easiest path is fear.
if we (any country, but let’s pick the united States) are under the threat of constant attack – well, we have to be prepared, no ? it would be irresponsible to not have the latest technology / weapons / precisely – in order to minimize civilian casualties, because we care so much !

The cold (war) had a great narrative to further this as well – Good vs. Evil, Freedom vs. Communism ; Propaganda is Awesome [nevermind that the west traded gave weapons systems to the soviets … ] This continues on and on, or how naïve am i ?

[ ⇧ this naïve ? ]
“Silicon Valley Bank is deeply committed to advancing gender parity and fostering diversity and inclusion, in our workplace and in the innovation economy at large,” said Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank. “Our clients, company and communities are made stronger when people of diverse backgrounds and experiences are able to bring their ideas and expertise to bear.”

Where are we currently ?— the plandemonium was not enough … not for the total abnegation / abrogation of basic, fundamental, human rights.

But if there is a new cold war? Regardless of the actual non-feasibility of another world war – global communications have rendered this likely impossible ?- i.e., i have more in common with the average citizen of both ukraine and russia as i do with other americans – but exceedingly less in common with power (corruption) in all of those places …

This is obvious (the enemy hasn’t been at the gates of the united States for a very long time – 1812 ? ) – ergo, the goal is to render government so inept and dysfunctional as to make people look to what, exactly, as the answer ? ( Elon Musk ! is silicon valley )

What, at a fundamental level, is Ai ? Oi – vey ?
Omni-intelligence without a body [ disembodied intellect / mind / min(e)d … ]

I have * regressed so much in the last year … time to pull the plug on this
media entrapment/entrainment, dissociation, intellectualization —
salvage, integrate, move on from the past and the future …
into the present – pre-sent – gift of the nowness of life.
* [ whoa is me, hardy-har-har ! ]

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