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if it feels backwards, it might just be [driving forward by looking at the rear view mirror! – marshall mcluhan] fair warning, this is a bumpy ride –

clarity through the haze …


thusly, trending in ways not harmonious with spirit;
coalesce, and move forward …


well, i read some of that noise yesterday – out of general curiousity more than anything; i.e., how does an oligarch go about re-purposing (stealing/embezzlement/laundering) 5% of Ukrainian GDP/IMF loans –
turns out, with big balls –
i.e., the united States has a spigot, and expects people to take a cut. Take too large a cut, and now the united States has leverage. It is how a war can be staged – the outcome will largely be coordinated; it is a symbiotic dance as between shifting narratives – the united States’ aura and myths are finally reaching critical mass (?- covid, war, inflation?) inside the united States.
the corollary is the Russian side: the cut the oligarchs take on that side is via natural gas transit – own the transit companies, steel mills, and banks – viola, one controls large swaths of people [as a secondary effect?- i.e., cascading]
See https://www-welt-de.translate.goog/print/die_welt/wirtschaft/article131474811/Der-kalte-Krieg-der-Oligarchen.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp

The article has an interesting extrapolation – steel mills were run to the ground in the united States by the ukrainian oligarchs (Ihor kolomoyski, et al.). Azov steel. A by-product of the steel industry is supposedly neon; the two largest producers of neon are [were] russia and ukraine. Neon gas is necessary in the manufacturing of semiconductors – i assume the inventory of semiconductors is very healthy – and likely located in a stable place, say, the opposite of a tiny island claimed by the most populous, industrious, communistic country in the world … nah, that is speculative negative thinking, man …

the following is not about trudeau, but putin – that putin who can do as he pleases with country 404…

i prefer the odysee link to view the video, find bitchute unresponsive too often
putin is a stooge; ukraine is a clean-up operation not a war –

https://gilliankrussell.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/epistemicviciousness.pdf – head in the sand – https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/why-public-health-experts-never-want?s=r

reality is not the movies, however! it seems like the world is filled with larpers.



As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly:

operation clear the borderlands of ukrainians?
how much different is operation barbarossa from operation maidan, special military operations of russia, ukrainian oligarchic dependence, ukraine joining nato, the donbass, ukrainians fleeing to all parts of europe (never to return) …
not exactly; more along the lines of :

https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/thoughts-about-money-and-food?s=r :
The real aim is not to help Ukrainians (nor, for that matter, to destroy Russia) but to exorcise the recurring nightmare of the “Lehman shock”, which today would plunge us into chaos, wiping out the thin veneer of monetary affluence that prevents us from staring into the abyss…


ukraine is a nebulous concept; of what import is it to my life? the delusional draw of acceptance, whose only source springs internally or not at all

fyi; this is the history of the place:
“Although this defeat left the Rus’ principalities at the mercy of invaders, the Mongol [now “muscovites”] or Tartar forces retreated and did not reappear for thirteen years [17], during which time the princes [oligarchs] of Rus’ went on quarreling and fighting as before, until they were startled by a new and much more formidable invading force.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_invasion_of_Kievan_Rus%27
2005 – it becomes obvious to Russia (and anyone with critical thinking skills) that elections are fair game [US and Europe pressure Kyiv into a “do-over” because Yanukovich “cheated by having more votes”. i.e., orange revolution
2014 – coup. i.e., something to do with integrity, allegedly?
but see: “Less than two weeks before the March 16 2014 Referendum, at the height of the crisis in Ukraine, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the state-road building corporation Avtodor, or “Russian Highways” “to create a subsidiary company that would oversee the building of a bridge across the Kerch Strait”.
2022 – russia invades:

this is apparently the surprised pikachu face

Looking in the other direction:
Russia has a lot of land [hard to empha-size the amount of land – 12 time zones!], and a portion of that land is next to China – the land is also extremely sparsely populated –
without the aid of the ukrainian people and economy, and worse, the active buzzing of b.s. fan-boy neo-nazi’s shelling that donbass, and Russia must be thinking to itself a weak Russia does nothing to curtail China
– the elephant in the world is China, followed by India.

This is where the mongol invasion is once again important to bear in mind.
The stereo-typical Russian mind broods in suffering, paranoia, fear (?). Chess is battle.
China and India seek peace!
yes, but what kind of peace?

Covid is the canary in the coal mine –
and shanghai is where the bird died in China – 2 months of lockdown for a few cases of Covid? – that is the wrong direction; same as putin in the aforementioned corbett podcast link.

bonus tracks (?) [aren’t they at the start‽]:

time to get back to the good, and feel it

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