the sound of one hand clapping

“So what is it? What did we do wrong? We have over-socialized ourselves. We moved into the cities, lived on top of eachother, talked too much, made too many rules, went to school too long. Now we have added TV and the internet to that, and we are over-saturated, like an ant that has eaten too much apple cider. We are permanently buzzed on society, and cannot turn off, or even turn down, the superego. The superego is hypertrophied, constantly flexed like some strange bodybuilder, and the instincts are crushed under its bulk. We hear a constant patter of “I can’t do that” or “I must do that”. That is the cataleptic channel. The orders are so constant and so loud and so contradictory that the body and mind simply shut down at last. If we are not in some brainless routine, we are lost.” –

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