the science of the mirror in media

i can’t help but see the similarity between media and medusa …
yikes; med-usa

how does pornography “work” – mirror neurons – you see yourself as involved in the act itself – this is visualization without the work of one actually doing one’s own visualization practice [tell-a-vision]- i.e., how eldrich “tiger” woods envisions what he is going to do before he actually does it (although his routine was trauma-based molding from his navy seal father) … [ which is why he had a spectacular break-down at one point = loss of control ? ]

stop at the end of the slide show [the Q & A misses the point]

this is what is so dangerous about the current clime –
the difference between community and salvation grace, transcendence [?]-
one can only do it alone,
but support and help make it so much easier …
{ yet, the world is transitioning into a nerfed up world of safety above all else }


everyone who speaks a word against jesus or god will be forgiven
but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven
although, to be far, what do i know ?
the more i ignore my soul / creative spirit
the more i dither in lament

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