the formation of identity (work in progress)

shared stories – language, history, myth, faith
and then making them one’s own, by realizing one is in the story …
[in the current chapter being written, and eventually handed down to the next generation]

[having fun with words]
the relevant excerpt: “In 1818 together with Vasyl Lukashevych, V. Taranovsky, and others he was the member of the Poltava Freemasonry Lodge The Love for Truth (Ukrainian: Любов до істини).[5][6]
taras shevchenko
ivan franko

well, then there is this: “The first lodge in Malorossiya (Russian Empire) was established in Kiev in 1784 by Russian officers. One of the members of that lodge which was named Bessmertie was Hryhoriy Skovoroda.” bessmertie = безсмертний = eternal, immortal (literally without death).

– if you meet the buddha on the road, kill him…
the difference in terms that Yanukovich was offered by the EU and by Russia/Putin were stark.

I do not think Ukraine ever had a chance to join NATO, nor the European Union. The carrot dangled in front of “intelligent”/elites/those successful at “capitalism” was a seat of the western neo-liberal world = the dream of being treated as equals (‽).
Approval ‽ Compliance to the new master ‽

Cynicism – [from ]
– the comparison of ukraine to afghanistan – and the people i spoke to in ukraine were flabbergasted that i voted for trump (likely contained opposition) … madeline albright, 500K iraqi children dead worth it – hate to see the plans for ukraine over the next few years …
it’s like people don’t get it – freedom and democracy are just corporate slogans; no more or no less. they are not “real” ideals for action and diplomacy employed by the united states … – ukraine as a way to gather intel, re-militarize NATO, battle lines drawn – see current events in india, pakistan, taiwan … tis a good show and sales pitch for FEAR

war is a continuation of politics … that said, it is also a way to wipe the slate clean, to build back better ‽

“U.S. leaders have striven with much success to repress (1) the emergence of competing forms of production (socialist, collectivist, communitarian); and (2) competing capital formations (prosperous autonomous capitalist economies, or mixed ones, in emerging nations, and with FTAA and GATS, all public sector services except police and military in all capitalist countries. The goal is the Third Worldization of the entire world, including Europe and North America, a world in which capital rules supreme with no public sector services; no labor unions to speak of; no prosperous, literate, effectively organized working class with rising expectations; no pension funds or environmental, consumer, and occupational protections, or medical plans, or any of the other insufferable things that cut into profit rates.” (42) (Michael Parenti) [bold mine]
– if Wuhan was an intentional leak, i.e. a chemical weapon attack against China by covert US “intelligence” … then:

or, perhaps this guy knows a thing or two? [Francis Boyle – i certainly regret not taking any of his classes while at university of illinois law school]

My end question is if Putin is “controlled” opposition …
– all the world is a stage, what does it matter – fate, destiny, a life well lived where one finds oneself –

consecration of russia; H-H-H ; what if it meant the other way around?–
ya know, like the oracles at delphi‽
now open wide, and take with a grain of salt:

non-sequitur to end this entrapping diatribe:

and then it sorta sorts itself out, stumbled on this here:

Poem: Dreaming stories

My culture is my identity.
Dreamtime stories tell the life of my people.
Growing older.
Hearing stories of my ancestors living off the land
Becoming one with the creatures
Even though I haven't met them
I feel this unbreakable connection
Through the stories I have heard.
The stories that have been passed down through generations.
These stories are living through us.
Without our culture we have no identity
And without our identity
We have nothing.

Poem by students Kiarra and Karri Moseley and Luke Bidner [13]. Read more Aboriginal poetry.

Source: What is the ‘Dreamtime’ or the ‘Dreaming’? – Creative Spirits, retrieved from

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