the colours [dancin’ water]:

the red hue of the sand caught my eye
open air post office
water and spores …
mushrooms galore !
stately magnificence
shimmering reflection
shades of ghostbusters
sea grass river
the steeple from is illuminated by the setting sun
… and perhaps a halo or two just above there …
the justified dentist episode springs to mind
pontiac – old school americana …
birds of paradise
outstretched limbs
wisps of a whirling dervish
a rose (?) snaked into a plumeria tree
the colours of miami vice
so this pic belongs here; linear chronology be damned …
i was beckoned to take a shot of this new epitaph …
… and lo, three manatee were lazily grazing aboot
shifting colours, so rapidly
there’s just somethin’ ’bout alleys
and brick roads in general; yellow in front of my abode

after an ~ 40 mile bicycle ride, a short addendum:

rain and sunshine, at the end of the day
a favourite spot i haven’t seen in much too long
this was new, along the trail
mmm, forbidden fruit across the moat
john’s pass
at the undertow
someone’s backyard altar?- off the pinellas trail
temple of the dog?- anubis and jesus? ahura mazda? a greek god?
one more time, before the water dances in the street …

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