tango-ed up [shall we dance or parlance?]

 to traverse the open plains, 
     open for everyone to see;
 the revelation of desires, 
   a warm approach seen by eagle eyes -
 those cold, dark, discerning looks,  
  nothing but evil intentions;
critique, destruction, judgement ...
expect the denurement of jealousy to creep into, 
  threaten, the budding of tenderness.
it matters not, for the innate reflex - 
  the swirling dervish of a language [unspoken, unheard]
subsumes the bitterness of lost chances ...
   possibilities over probabilities; 
either we begin to dance
  over the deafened cries of battle-hardened hearts,
or this dalliance never stood a chance;
  invitations taken or not, an offer is all i can do ...

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