stay classy, europe

i asked google for the definition of bourgeois
so now it is the middle class !!!
[the dissonance of middle class = rich ; from the definition to the “” use]
hardy-har-har [george carlin]

..Putin previously criticized the grain deal, saying that while it was touted as a way to help poor countries deal with surging global food prices, in practice Ukrainian exports mostly went to rich EU nations.
​ ​The abundance of grain and other food products from Ukraine on European markets has apparently angered local producers, who are struggling to compete with the cheaper imports, the Wall Street Journal reported last week.
​ ​The EU previously had quotas and steep tariffs for Ukraine trade, protecting its own farmers and forcing Ukrainians to export most of their produce to other places. But the restrictions were lifted after Russia attacked the country in February, and European governments rushed to support Kiev with various forms of assistance.
– all the farm closures and buy-outs through-out europe make a touch more sense now …

after global pharma / bill gates convinced most of europe to imprison themselves, and then gleefully partake in rapacious gene modifying therapy; global agro goes after the relatively healthy farming practices of europe.

and farming will not be returning soon

covid was the canary in the coal mine.
China is the shining example of people who go along to get along; the perfect worker specimen for capital.

potentially sensitive content; hardy-har-har

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