some other sources for varied opinions on this particular game of risk:

first point for the naïve: Putin is likely controlled opposition – in the same way one sees Democrats v Republicans, Blue v Red, Black v White (chess, race), Bloods v Crips, Democracy v Communism, Rich v Poor, Us v Them, Male v Female, Religion v Science, Jew v Christian, Urban v Rural, etc. …

addendum (27.03):

Roman Dmowski’s prophecy on the Ukrainian question (Świat powojenny i Polska/The Postwar World and Poland, 1931)

There is no human force capable of preventing Ukraine, separated from Russia and transformed into an independent state, from becoming a crowd of conmen from all over the world, who have been chafing in their own countries; capitalists and those seeking capital, organizers of industry, technicians and traders, speculators and schemers, thugs and organizers of any kind of prostitution: Germans, Frenchmen, Belgians, Italians, Englishmen and Americans would rush [into Ukraine] with the help of locals or nearby Russians, Poles, Armenians, Greeks… A peculiar League of Nations would gather here…
These elements, with the participation of smarter, more skilled in business Ukrainians would produce the guiding layer, the elite of the country. But it would be a special elite, probably because no country could boast such a rich collection of international scoundrels.
Ukraine would become a thorn in the flesh of Europe; people dreaming of cultural production, of a strong and healthy Ukrainian nation, maturing in their own country, would be convinced that rather than their own country, they have an international company, and instead of healthy development, rapid progress of decay and rot.
Whosoever thought that the geographic location of Ukraine and its area, that the state in which the Ukrainian element finds itself, with its spiritual and material resources, and finally, that the role which the Ukrainian question has in today’s economic and political position of the world could be otherwise – he does not have an ounce of imagination.
The Ukrainian question has various advocates, both in Ukraine itself and abroad. Among the latter especially, there are many who know very well what they are doing. There are those, however, who would solve this issue by separating Ukraine from Russia, which they present as very idyllic. Those who are so naïve would do well to keep their hands away from her.

for more accurate military analysis/description:

for a snapshot of zelensky:

there are real “neo-nazis” in ukraine, in the idealogical sense of national socialism. the same way white supremacists hate blacks, the lviv ukrainians/galicians hate russians (and poles, and everyone) ukraine is a failed state …

for a quick history lesson on thee ukraine:

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