self – discerning – care

take a seat
old-school florida cool
when dancing on the borderline of sanity
care is of the utmost importance
just not of this realm {material world}
— clear intentions —
i love how it appears that the boat is visible behind the concrete seawall
bust your sides out laughing everyday
and the leaves are so: delicate supple soft
touchingly pleasing
convivial flowers
one strong hug
  even in the midst of surrounding misery;
My story is tremendous
 if I be courageous enough
  – to just be –
 true:   to it, to me
  to all that wish to hear here
   (throw pearls not to swine)
  yet, how will I know ?
 that great fear
    of false affection
 I trust myself, 
   that great ineffable
      святой дух
  when engulfed, 
 in harmony with the perspective,
  that no longer originates in the eye/i,
  but rather is everywhere and nowhere,
    one can surf on ...
what a beautiful mess

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