did you know that venetian / vatican intelligence told the golden horde / mongols / khans which scythian / slavic [/tartarian] places to attack and when ? What is “real” , “history” ;

all it takes is a good story.

dis-claimer – this is meant as a start of questions
and not put forth as truth

what i’m currently playing with – catholic/christian ritual is based on blood – sacrifice and communion – what is the importance of blood and ritualhow do vaccines [ 144,000 and 216,000 ] play into it ? waste of time, energy; the re-re-turn:

alchemical furnacing

if one wanted to tune the blood via electromagneticism and fear and nano and extraction via material means … mass ritual

is one moon enoughfacts be curious

thank you, in full fill ment of grace :
the real duty of the human being is not to question, question, question;
it is the affirmation of self beyond questioning

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