Do I Dare?  Do I Dare?  Disturb the Universe?
The Love Song of J. Prufrock, by T.S. Eliot

a poem of mine [before i knew of the t.s. eliot poem or frank turner], circa 2014?

Broken Boulevards & Winding Dreams

Deny for oh so long,
I can’t hear myself anymore;
longing for a love lost,
   never had, but dreamt of.

And this is where I stand,
   sun shining, birds a twittering;
 Lost in the beauty I should be enjoying
   and the waves keep rolling.

To shout, to disturb the wind,
   Lo, i just don’t know,
  if any thing would, but come of it?
   No!  quiet, I shall observe.
   pass, evermore …

Deep-Shame thinking, of being unwanted at best, and a burden at worst …

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