Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27; Adagio
warming up the palette
a big patch of grass
i like how the clumps are separate yet all coalesced
a cohesive whole, individuated
shout out to the st. pete bike co-op
did an amazing job
the trek is anew
has the feel of an arabian night
although taken just before the sun was to arise
will it ever get old?
perhaps I’ll outline it later
~ 8 ft. hammerhead lazily swam by
I watched for a while, before attempting a shot
one can just make it out beneath the dark crest in the bottom half of the pic
enter at your own peril ?
a gateway to the superfluous
dead man’s cesspool
where all sorts of detritus and refuse are trapped
olfactorily unpleasant
fungi = fun-guy

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