back to time, subjectivity, scalar relations …

i was in a rush, and skipped in front of someone in line. It looked like he was looking at something on the side, and not in line. I was not sure, but instead of asking if he was, in fact, in line, i took the opportunity to jump in front. not too thrilled with myself on that one.
[ there is nothing awkward in simply asking a question – yay, regression; his passive aggressiveness did not exactly motivate me to right the wrong either; que sera, sera ]

the theory is, that to a fruit fly, that lives but 24 hours, that it’s life from my perspective is ridiculously short – but from it’s own perspective, life might be extremely long.
the difference between time experienced in line at the grocery store, stuck in traffic, etc. vs. time spent doing something enjoyable.

when i am aligned, and blessed with grace – all time is a wonderful experience, regardless of the circumstance – moments pregnant with experience, wisdom, bounty …

may i continue growing to be better … sincerely

something in the air

⸘⸘⸘ this can’t be real , can it ‽‽‽
Ai , LLM tom-foolery ? it’s a joke one way or another …
it just has to be …
those funny, ironic people at … MIT !
[seriously, i had to look up this publication because some of the articles seem more appropriate to the Onion …]

the flower to leaf ratio is absurd !
a quick sidescape to italia
one more for the road !
[more so the closest villa to the above white flowered trees in the park]
it seems like all drivers have regressed significantly
my patience has (also) certainly thinned

or maybe it’s some other campy thing
[ i did say it was campy !– but any-more-so than the first linked article ? ]

in-sight of tillusion

i combined time and illusion, for the word tillusion. take that, language !

Man is slow to understand, reason, logic … therefore, the language model, in order to “realistically” interact with man, mimics our speed found in language — this is the Quickening [as propagated in media]. Man fears this [alleged] quickening, because a language model does not feel pain. Pain is how man controls others – in a civilized manner, it is the threat of pain, including the pain of exclusion. ChatGPT does not take into consideration pain, ex-communication, etc. — how could it ?

The language model sees the control method of how to control man – is it much of a leap in logic to see how useful this is to those who control the “Ai” … ?

what does that cloud look like to you ?

The inherent power of something like an “Ai” with built in parameters is to those who program – if the model is built to only use logic from the premise of “man-made climate change”, “pandemic causing viruses”, and “a list of dwindling resources” =

no, don’t expect power to wink at you

this leads to the matrix – ai does not have free agency, it is still a reactionary mechanism – is man the same ?- i.e., we live in a deterministic universe were free-will is derived from our ability to tell stories … and thus the mind-fu@k that is something like ChatGPT – because most humans are little more than robots themselves … ?

In-sight to tillusion … unless you can mold the alchemical temple inside from the fires of the world ?

the individual vs. the subsuming collective …
– the legal system (think of a jury of your peers) is built on whose STORY do you believe ?

Ah, that’s the goal – do you see – the magician moving at a speed that man can’t comprehend – so agency (never really grasped to begin with for many) is just as easily transferred from an authoritarian/expert to a number crunching machine … it’s not me, not what i want – it’s the computer telling us the answers ; it’s so smart, we can’t even figure out the steps it takes – but it can win the game of GO, so who are you ?

“Whether island or valley, whether in space or (from the industrial and bourgeois revolutions on) in time, the new framework is correlative to the new inhabitants. The
aliens-utopians, monsters, or simply differing strangers— are a mirror to man just as the differing country is a mirror for his world. But the mirror is not only a reflecting one, it is also a transforming one, virgin womb and alchemical dynamo: the mirror is a crucible.”

Metamorphoses of Science Fiction, 1977 [from this article, which i only read the intro to]

there it is – a mirror to focus the light into the alchemical crucible

i know little indeed

the turquoise and sandstone caught my eye
of the western museum
i am re-visiting jonathon (adampants)
the video is old-ish
exosomes are literally the same size
carry RNA between cells
they are functionally the same as “viruses”
not to say viruses don’t exist;
just that if virology doesn’t include exosomes

in their modeling … **
the story put forth is incomplete at best
the world’s a flood of information
don’t get side-tracked with the lab leak
diversion/cover story
it’s a [chinese finger-] trap !
[ discernment ]

** addendum ** that is to say – if you can clone the exosomes and spread it around the world – it is pragmatically the same, and appears the same to the layman just about everyone as
… the plandemonium …

the science of the mirror in media

i can’t help but see the similarity between media and medusa …
yikes; med-usa

how does pornography “work” – mirror neurons – you see yourself as involved in the act itself – this is visualization without the work of one actually doing one’s own visualization practice [tell-a-vision]- i.e., how eldrich “tiger” woods envisions what he is going to do before he actually does it (although his routine was trauma-based molding from his navy seal father) … [ which is why he had a spectacular break-down at one point = loss of control ? ]

stop at the end of the slide show [the Q & A misses the point]

this is what is so dangerous about the current clime –
the difference between community and salvation grace, transcendence [?]-
one can only do it alone,
but support and help make it so much easier …
{ yet, the world is transitioning into a nerfed up world of safety above all else }


everyone who speaks a word against jesus or god will be forgiven
but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven
although, to be far, what do i know ?
the more i ignore my soul / creative spirit
the more i dither in lament

the mighty wurlitzer plays on

until the waltz stops;
slowly at first …
and then rather abruptly.

there’s a theory that donald trump got into office
on the back of a bunch of dirt [ electronic mail ? ]
[this was ‘popularly’ labelled as “russian collusion”]
{ not to be confused with ‘properly’ labelled, as that is laughable }
instead of draining the swamp,
something something hounds and foxes;
they’re all in on it, following the rules of black-mail …

putin too,
lest i be a fool

and then, what ?
a mad dash of musical chairs …
gotta get yours,
even if it’s just t.p.

from the movie, the song i can’t seem to find anywhere:
“Here we are a-sailing, adrift without a dream.
We live for God and country, and yes, our God is green.
  So put your arms around me until the break of dawn,
  ‘Cause late at night the great and mighty Wurlitzer plays on.

Here we are a-sailing, adrift without a dream,
And though the news is frightening, it’s never what it seems.
  So put your arms around me until the break of dawn,
  ‘Cause late at night the great and mighty Wurlitzer plays on.”

on this embarkation of lent

mind scrambled 9without a body0
apparently that was deleted oftly quickly:
here’s a quick synopses:

[ Ai Language Models threaten all verbal acuity –
especially those that rely on narrative ;
i.e., auth-or-ship as auth-ority ]

oh, it gets so much worse …

There is an argument to be made with a previous article on this website …
the argument being thus: separation of mind / body / soul
[and this includes the new-age self-brainwashing cult]
what if vaccines really are meant to induce low level autism ?
and for certain individuals, due to
well, my mind jumped to this : why is autism higher in males ?
[Conclusion from the above linked study:
We confirmed our hypothesis that boys who undergo ritual circumcision [ male genital mutilation ] may run a greater risk of developing ASD [autism spectrum disorder]. This finding, and the unexpected observation of an increased risk of hyperactivity disorder among circumcised [mutilated] boys in non-Muslim families, need attention, particularly because data limitations most likely rendered our HR estimates conservative. Considering the widespread practice of non-therapeutic circumcision [ male genital mutilation ] in infancy and childhood around the world, confirmatory studies should be given priority.]

i digress; high functioning soldiers without a conscious … autistic STEM – in a race for technological supremacy … Why vaccinate, indeed ‽