what is

Passionate Meaning Making; a phrase by E. Maisel.

Awareness, intention, meaning. Some Friday morning pics:

Callous and selfish,
The sun rises yet again,
without a care on where it shines.
The uplifted dregs smile, to one another;
smiling inwards, that there is a reason to strive,
a reason to be
fulfilled with warm optimism;
not of goals, milestones, or accomplishment;
but of a solemn acceptance,
that, this day too, is.

First post

A general idea of what I am attempting to do, here.

Layout thoughts, in a structured manner – to better understand, and feel things through.

Testing image use, maybe some videos from time to time. Learning how to use social media, hands-on. Including things like SEO (?), keywords, etc. Of which, I am leery, and apprehensive. It will be a work in progress; a new challenge.

More so than what I was doing at my old blog, gently down the stream.
[or the even older blog, quixotic musings.]