quick [hi]story

or, in the alternate:

gee willikers, the city of london not too pleased !
[me thinks both trump and putin are controlled opposition, but the metaphor is apt]
the great canadian comedian



There’s a theory that Stalin went rogue; driven mad by paranoia [well founded paranoia?]

or rehashing stories from the new york times or from books chosen by teachers …
or fox news, the epoch times, ron unz
tell-your-vision, not tell-someone-else’s-vision
the “news” are data points
think, don’t propagate

music outro:

a longer version [of discernment]:

alternatively: https://commons.orthodoxwiki.org/The_Modern_Russian_Eight_Tones

stumbled upon this, somehow; ugh, not a fan of this show at all … https://youtu.be/k2L9lWlJC0U the ending is particularly offensive, but not surprising …
sad note, unlike scause bracelets, probably can’t as easily return an experimental vaccine to the wall of green, er walgreen’s …
[NAC; intravenous vitamin C; ?]
the end of the episode apparently drugged up jesus is wearing a pussy riot shirt:

bringing the world such future classics as : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z48fNpTEPqg
[do not confuse this as me saying putin is the good guy]

that was a pleasant exchange of words in tone; alas, it was narrative forming excrement,


do people still listen to such tripe?

actual analysis, if one wishes to see and feel the difference – still not entirely accurate [imho], but closer to the narrative [zelensky was ready to call for peace twice; both times boris johnson showed up the next day {with god knows what gifts or threats}]

a quick how to [that works for me; ymmv]:

frequency, resonance –> response


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how to propagate hate

is this factually real, or meant to bloody russians and socialism/communism generally?

compare and contrast the above with the “Holocaust” ….
then shift gears slightly:

and yet, no problem hosting pussy riot’s hate sex video
hardy-har-har !!!


all are “fantastic”

hatred, passed on, past on …

Victimization rather than Empowered-Integrated-[w]Holiness

Or – maybe it is true, and what we are currently witnessing is a form of both the holocaust and the holodomyr:
That is, mRNA = holocaust / methane and nitrogen and co2, oh my, the farms! = holodomyr ???

[the last link does appear to be a bit of a stretch, however … grain of salt, and all – as always, I don’t believe everything I post; these are things I consider interesting and salient]


bonus tracks:

i did ask to comprehend this video …

[check the comments for supplementary material]

are russians the new americans?!?

america: land of hustlers, con-artists, bullshitters, and the religiously fanatical (for God, Guns, or Democracy/Freedom)

russian girl, elisa; by miles w. mathis

i am white (whitish, since i tan under the florida sun), male, malorussian Kyivan-Rus.
i feel deep disgust (cringe) every time i hear someone mention white privilege, patriarchy, etc.

There is a lot of American Hatred right now, not least of which is a waking up to the perils of power, projection, and once cherished life heuristics…
life is always a work in progress:


History is Fun!
Последнее китайское предупреждение :


Why the great White hype?- oh, don’t worry, it is rather interesting:

So, the world, in many ways, worships [yeah, spelling!- war-ships]…

[not to be confused with white flight, but … ]

England is a small island, and English is spoken all around the globe as the de facto business/commerce language …
Domination abroad starts with Domination at home …

Shall we start with the anti-farming measures, taking hold in places such as Sri Lanka, Netherlands, and Canada?!?
https://regenfarming.news/articles/1929-study-suggests-1kg-of-beef-sequesters-50kg-co2?utm_content=bufferba118&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer vs. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/un-world-economic-forum-behind-global-war-farmers-experts [i do not like zerohedge as a source, but alas …]

whose side is china on?
all following the same script

The Great White Hype!-



thee “ukrainian government/military”, with the help of ISCR (?), located Azov prisoners, and bombed them as a direct message: surrender and talk to the Russians, and you are now free game to hunt and kill.

Here’s the problem in thee ukraine: it will be over soon … Literally, the “west” has shot it’s load, and doesn’t have capacity to keep the illusion of war going [https://www.rusi.org/explore-our-research/publications/commentary/return-industrial-warfare] https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/08/ukraine-sitrep-on-the-ground-report-ukrainian-frontline-collapses.html#more

not sure if i like the maize and blue left at all …

Hypothesis: Russia will be the new shining beacon in the world, with maloRussia back in the fold (also entirely necessary if Russia and China were to ever confront one another).

At the end of the day, geopolitics are shaping up for lower living standards in the united States, and the rest of the “civilized” world; while at the same time keeping the “authoritarian technocracies” in place everywhere. Covid is and was the canary in the coal mine. https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfilling-prophecy-systemic-collapse-and-pandemic-simulation/

There is a movement to demonize any and all forms of public government – through outright imbecility and schizophrenia – out and out a reflection of the modern western mind ?- or as Bandera would say, “our power should be instilling fear”.

get it? the next great white hype ….

femme fatale siren song for avoiding trauma [part II]

Sarahland! Why this book is little more than mental illness a healthy reaction to being raised in an unhealthy way.

You can’t repress mother nature!

Reality can suck.

well, I did not see that coming:

the book is the best example of de-ranged mental illness – but it’s not – it is cultish brainwashing – the cult being the one that openly endorses male genital mutilation.

Sigmund Freud: I fell for the classic Freudian cover-up; missing a huge blind spot – trauma. I know, shockingly it’s not penis envy! God, the book is such a mess, and the abuse doesn’t even have to be an outright act ….
it can be just as likely out of neglect –

i am tired.

sex is powerful, primal, runs super deep:
sex is a deep, deep delivery system [it bypasses rationality via the passions]
and porn is an expression of; not the lack of sex, but meaningful love?
sarahland was porn

hurt people hurt people

the book was triggering for two reasons; one, I used to write in similar fashion [coming from a disillusioned, lost, frustrated, angry, fearful, hateful place; two, i also suffered from the negative effects of male genital mutilation
Damn you Radical Honesty!

at 18, me, along with everyone, is responsible for how they treat others
and myself/ourselves.