overview in snippets [Slavic Civil War]

*tip of the hat to the following twitter site, where many of these videos were sourced from:
[ fyi, arestovich was head of propaganda/public relations for all intents and purposes]

spoken like a true galician
she was elected to the Verkhovna Rada at some point – i wonder if she knows her history?- https://forgottengalicia.com/the-only-thing-new-in-the-world-galician-slaughter-1846/
Arestovich “had to resign”* as presidential advisor
because he had the temerity
to say that a residential building
was hit from air defense intercept
*appears pre-meditated
2019 – what did he know then?
smart guy – if he’s jumping ship …
[ADDENDUM: helicopter crash, interior minister and other senior officials
or shot down by ukrainian air defense “by mistake” ?]
notice the body language, the manner of speaking …
guys, i’m being serious here !
*this was professionally shot, to show Z’s chops ‽
the following is the ukrainian general military strategy:
put in other words by lindsay graham:
the turn of phrase that comes to mind:
rats fleeing a sinking ship

as a matter of course, Z is but an puppet actor.
[see igor kolomoisky.]

“role of a lifetime”
money and lives
as little as 15% of the arms might be getting to the soldiers
and the money?
FTX is set to rebound, right?


fyi – putin and russia are not necessarily the “good guys” …

that train was not moving
trains do not stop that quickly
what might that signify?
[kerch straight bridge attack]

it sure seems like arestovich saw the writing on the wall;
and, perchance, a growing consciousness of the evil
that comes from realized desperation —
it’s that one sentence:
they are still people …
[the real ending to i am legend springs forward]
{addendum: arestovich is on the ukrainian kill list already}


slavic civil war

what do I know? [very little, indeed] – addendum as of 19.january.23 – though this seems fake [mis-direction from competitors ?]

more info on egor burkin &


a rabbit hole i am not interested in going down – to each their own … and arestovich just keeps going ‽

music outro:


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