new year’s eve, julian style

time to light a fire,
enjoy the calendar new year …
according to january fools
[the year starts in april, non-fools ! ]
life finds a way !

it has been a while – my apologies, that phrase almost always triggers this song

dumpster fire references:
and the original
it is tampa bay, after all [home of the buccaneers and gasparilla] :
yeah, baby, yeah !!!
Enzo Ferrari described it as “The most beautiful car ever made”
[it certainly is up there with a 1963 lincoln continental, 1992 ford mustang gt, and 2006+ mercury grand marquis]
barracuda! — and no, the plymouth ‘cuda can’t hold a candle to it …
a bonnie [in the same family as hammerheads]
i was slightly envious upon seeing such wealth at first glance
upon reflection, however, i have no interest in such a vessel
why not do something productive with such wealth ? –
sure, ’twas a marketing ploy
similar to rockefeller’s “gift” of dimes to the impoverished
[if not mistaken, carnegie also donated organs to churches ?]
next to power sub station
it reads:
consciousness energy grid
spirit | matter | theory | action
thank you, woody …
the global love projecta justinian undertaking
this reminds me of the following:
the colours !
“Birds of the same feather flock together ― …”
the full quote is at the end of the article !
that line
antlers – re-minds me of the antlers used in the sweat lodge i attended on christmas day evening
“Birds of the same feather flock together ― until the cat comes ! “
additionally: “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.”
seriously, if ya got nine lives, may as well use ’em
my favourite [spiritual] place in kiev
[this is from the last service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate at the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Dormition Cathedral, on the 31st of December, 2022 {Gregorian Calendar}]

i did not see the interior of st. sophia when i visited kiev, because i refused to pay money to enter a “museum” … i did, however, attend easter mass in the building next door …

and i will end with this … well, it’s an interesting song …

[ i am rather excited about this find ! : ]

[ my photograph ]

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