my thoughts and reflections on elon musk / twitter

“for the truth is stranger than fiction” – “those that have eyes to see” – “ain’t you special”
or how did james bond keep being a spy – hidden in plain sight – emperor’s clothes

I don’t trust elon musk.
i also don’t like his “persona”
the story, through and through, reads like myth [discernment reader, this is but a reference as an example]; to be fair, most public personas do.
although, musk made a bulk of his money on SpaceX – working closely with NASA –
NASA, that beacon of freedom and free speech and transparency
neuro-link then makes sense, may as well send up the military spy satellites …

working hypothesis:
Elon Mask is a front-man; especially for “nerds” and those looking for a “saviour”, in the guise of free-market capitalism. [i haven’t seen iron man {marvel}, but i’ve read a Tony Stark comparison that seemed an apt metaphor]
– side thought – elon, bezos, bransen spend bucko money to leave earth as billionaires –
Kanye West actually wants to be spend his money here on Earth, to better the lives of those around him … i mean, if this isn’t an hilarious Materialist vs Christian metaphor working, then throw in the jewish angle !!! Hardy – Har – Har !!! [* to be clear, i do not endorse “ye” or anything about him, etc.]
The project Elon Mush is front-running is likely what exactly ?
Some semblance of “trust” to be returned to social media?

the irony is not lost
ticklin’ the ivory just so
older social media
examplar perfectamento

Social media is designed as a tool of manipulation – to draw shallow attention as addictively as possible. Metaphorically similar to junk food – eat fat or carbs, but the twain in nature doesn’t really exist … Either it’s protein and either fat or carbs [and all the other arguments for different minor reasons as likely contributing factors to unhealthiness/obesity {i.e. widespread pesticide use starting right around the late 19th century, use of hypodermic needles, HFCS, sitting all day, vaccines, seed oils, etc}] … but the biggest factor is that a lot of people simply live similarly to the monarchs of old – enjoying court jesters (entertainment industry) and cake/ice cream/chips/fried food … (carbs and fat).

Or is this the future [and continuing] denigration and destruction of social media into self-isolating spheres with the concomitant loss of common places ? [with a gleam of transparency used as the lube whilst … !!!] Large excerpt upcoming … TLDR the use of discernment is crucial in life ; modern technology is meant to disrupt information [and give the illusion of intelligence/thinking while [in practice] introducing a level of being that runs on automatic and somnolently affecting critical thinking and conscious awareness]

Here is the excerpt from:

presuming i am correct about this surge, i see two basic causal vectors:

1. the “conspiracy is everywhere gang” who have always been with us but mostly quiet or ignored got a few right by chance during covid and is now emboldened to share all their other crazy ideas. media are willing to publish it because it’s sensational, garners clicks, and who knows, it might wind up being right! (and it’s not like the media has evidenced any discernment whatsoever here of late. they are just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks). i’m going to describe this form of conspiracy overshoot as “mis-calibration.”

2. the media/info police/propogandist agents and agencies have moved to a proactive stance of putting out obvious idiocy comingled with ideas they want to suppress to try to discredit the whole. (this is a very effective technique and one they have discussed openly) it’s a specific and potent form of misinformation that does an excellent job of discrediting true facts by linking them associatively with flagrant and unpopular falsehoods. when used widely it rapidly generates a bewildering “tinsel” effect [my emphasis added] that leaves people disoriented and having no idea what to believe. the KGB loved this stuff. now it’s a menu offering at PR and “crisis management” firms. it’s especially potent as pre-prep where you try to get in front of an idea that is emerging and hijack it before it can gain currency by linking the info you fear to a bunch of easily disproven twaddle and/or unpopular/hate speech so that it has to fight this baggage when trying to make a first impression. i will call this form of misinformational manipulation “mis-association.”

which you are dealing with winds up mattering less than one might expect because both have the same general effect: they take some bits of what is correct, co-mingle them with lots of things that are not, and serve, for the vast majority of people who consume such information as a reason to stop reading and ignore the issue or develop a prior that “this is one of those kook issues.”

the whole point of mis-association is that it’s impossible for a casual observer to discern from mis-calibration.

In the fog, rely on one’s own instruments — intuition, gut instinct, faith, discernment, holy spirit, sacred, … too far ? The focus from the above is to induce a fog where one must now rely on an heuristic that arises not natively, organically from the interior; but rather, is provided from the outside.

The difference between being told the ten commandments by God and by some guy, who is the representative in theory/practice (hopefully ?) Maturity is the discernment process of testing the given maps to the experienced world. Bad maps, bad life (lots of learning experiences is a better perspective). Modern Propaganda is this: Follow the dictates given by popular media, and you are accepted as part of success.

The tinsel effect is what I wanted to focus on from the above quotation, and how it relates to Elon Mask. It appears that twitter was holding back a whole horde of misinformation; some sources of which are legitimately crazy. Human senses have defensive measures; one largely successful defensive measure is called meditation. Another description for meditation could be called clearing the noise – i.e., isolating the signal, along with information and veracity. [a long walk in nature is another great example]

The tinsel effect is effectively flooding the zone. It is sending 100 competing sources and varieties and vagaries and vulgarities of information that one has to make decisions which roads to go down. Here’s the thing – everything is recorded all the time forever. Forever – what you did in 1998 on AOL is recorded somewhere [it’s possible early computer stuff wasn’t all recorded, but by the time that data center was built in utah?]. So it’s an amalgamation and coagulation that leads to constant cross-referencing to other data points. It is a constant process of “learning” – this is the fakary of Artificial Intelligence.

Add in prompting – which I feel is the most significantly overlooked aspect of advertising / propaganda / manipulation (control of people’s minds, isolated and en masse). The computing power is what limited my understanding up until now – the magnitude of numbers are unfathomable to everyday existence. What’s the number, approximately a million, above which, the concept dissolves into the realm of the gods’. E.g., an ant attempting to understand the vehicle hood it finds itself travelling on that it just dropped onto travelling 60 mph – it don’t really matter if the ant understands the situation. The difference in applicability is this: The world humans inhabit includes other humans using complex technology as magik against [lessor] humans intentionally given the operating systems of ants [although the metaphor might be more apt with fish; i.e. jesus and disciples fished for other humans, and humans are sent to school – drum beat – so as to act as a school of fish ?].

the same way a man raised in scientific materialism
does not see a glimpse of the sacred
remains mired in the oceans of profanity

“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magik” – arthur clark.
“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – sinclair.

The pivot in the rapidly evolving world is that a man’s life depends on it, more and more so. This isn’t revolutionary in of itself (death and taxes) – what is revolutionary is the adaptive speed of feedback in a more and more controllable environment, along with the accumulation of said feedback that is now a new datapoint on feedback on not just the individual’s feedback inputs, but all individuals who’ve ever made a similar choice. Tuesday on a cloudy day you stop at a flower shop for sunflowers, it had been 4 days of rain in your area, you were watching thelma and louise who drive through a sunflower field at one point that you rewatched four times – do you see the searchable database being built up on you – in the face of this, people revert to magic thinking, but not magic based on a sacred world, but one reverting to the accepting level of a child – stunned into silence, fearing everything, the person is led to safety through a magic ritual that only works if you truly believe the magik – like a warp-speed vaccine [?] directed by super-rich computer monopoly capitalist guy … just spit-balling here!

Here’s the part that people tend to overlook – the prompt part of the above. If you know all that information, and desire to nudge people into that flower shop, you can seed the fertile ground of potential customers with advertising – this is the level of sophistication that i would assume is highly sensitive business information and runs a lot of the advertising revenue of a place like twitter. If you know the above information and are apple computers, whose desire is to build and sell exactly 1 million computers for november. So apple approaches Twitter, and says Apple wants to seed for 1 million –> twitter aggregates previously converted apple purchases, and has it’s advertising-search-“artificial intelligence” algorithm throw billions of different combinations of variables until it reaches an efficient answer for the problem: For 5 million dollars, Twitter will flood peoples’ feeds with others tied into the thelma louise watching nodes with others who live in areas with 4 days worth of rainy weather who’ve just scrolled through someone’s photo’s of flowers on instagram whose google map and location shows a street to work the person drives on – or even as subtle as lingering on certain posts on twitter – if that linger is long enough it is an interesting data point that can be exploited ….. and the thing is, the artificial intelligence then saves that search for future potential uses, cross-references, data points, etc. The profile built on every human being and the accumulation of choices –

Is this not the physical manifestation of the spiritual concept of omniscience —
[omni – Science]? “Science encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, and technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes” – oxford reference. substitute some words like the study of humans for capital exploitative purposes, and one begins to see a slice of how modern economics tends to run.

Man is a mimetic creature – Rene Girard – So if one’s environment can be saturated with media – I mean, it’s all about dialing it in correctly. That is the beauty of keeping the data – Simulations are run and tested all the time [ the computer games sim city and civilization but on a computer with military and black budget funded level of computing power ].

This is why Elon Musk was brought in to “lead” Twitter. Twitter was being criminally under-utilized in the United States, and losing the technological war to a competitor, TikTok. The analogy I would use is to the practice Eminent Domain. Well, what if the property in question was not a tract of land in Poletown, Detroit; but rather intellectual property that is in contract with the US Federal Intelligence Agencies. Well, the NSA/CIA/WEF isn’t going to “nationalize” the industry like the unsophisticated Venezuelans!!! [a sucker is born every minute; if you sit down at the poker table and don’t know who the suckers are, it’s you]

Elon Musk is the ideal candidate to lead technology – born in South Africa (no sense entering politics ala Perot, Bloomberg, Trump), is a marketing genius (willing to marry Grimes [alt cred] in furtherance of SpaceX [the naming of his kids in star trek gibberish] … gets tapped to fix the intelligence gathering apparatus known as twitter – which got co-opted by too much wokeness for the world stage …

So the guy involved with PayPal and electricity storage [Tesla takeover was for the battery technology {release of patents to accelerate the progress of innovation in the burgeoning field}, not the car itself] and N(A)SA and now Twitter is … gee, what else is in the news. Perhaps an event that shook the crypto-world down to its’ foundation (bitcoin) ? The laughably intentional fraud that was FTX and SBF is the example that will be used for centralized currency – another wild ride is possible for bitcoin if it wasn’t originally seeded as a front-running digitized program – volatility would drive further action towards a well-run central digital currency – and the biggest way for acceptance of said currency – ease of use on a super-app that everyone has on their smart-phones.

is it a mexican standoff [1] , as between shifting tidal waves of capital jostling for new platforms of currency ?
[similar to the shifts of wealth that have historically taken place; us civil war, ww1, fiat/metals, corporate raiding / hostile takeovers / venture capital / hedge funds, and now the green health social politeness obedience digital beast that some prophesize about ?
the outro to follow:
honourable mention:

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