maya – or what is real-ity?

[I make no out-right state-ment as to what is true and false; this is but different information – think for yourselfor don’t:]

following the light is the byline of the blog …

during spring cleaning, i threw my tell-a-vision into the trash bin – where it belongs.
the fishing, err, internment, err, inter-net is next … why go from school (of fish) into the net?

how far down the rabbit-hole does one go?

I neither endorse nor disparage the above –
it is simply another perspective to consider …

by the way, the bombing of a children’s/maternal hospital (mariupol) –
H-H-H :

once a russian communist, always a russian communist!
irish rebellion of 1641

if the script works, why change it?
– they say jump, and you say how high …

my real question: this is probably a good time to buy real estate in kyiv, yes?

an outro:

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