it’s the milieu

it’s the operating system behind the curtain
what do i know,
hercule poirot ?

many addictions stem from just this: helplessness / powerlessness – not seeing any options or agency to escape the milieu …
and this is how it proliferates throughout a society, gets entrenched – everyone is looking for differences rather than similarities – shared humanity – coached in terms for warring sides that are both the “good guys” in relation to the other …

another gigaohm video, here a presentation by meredith miller on the psychology of the last few years …

“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

–James Stockdale

the lengths people will go to in order to avoid having to think for themselves; and, ***gasp***, act on their own convictions? even with imperfect data, and in the face of uncertainty?- and this certainly applies to mySelf, well, through first-hand experience [know thySelf, and all … nothing in excess, surety brings ruin] …

Once the operating system is set up, sit back and watch how people back-fill and reiterate stories in alignment with the goals of the operating system that most people run automatically in the background, and which are protected through trauma – trauma that is constantly “re-triggered” through one’s interactions with _______ media, people, society, culture, etc.

With algorithms and ChatGPT/bots as operating system parameters – i.e., narrative gate-keepers, the system is kept “on – target” – This is cybernetics par excellence – coupled with man’s desire to fit in, appease others, go along to get along, etc.

An example of the back-filling and story adaptation to perceived unmovable narratives [the science is in, and has been settled] – fan-fiction ? one’s childhood [define love vs. safety/providence] ? politics ? government ? world-government ? rothschilds ? jews? russkies? immigrants? muslims ? climate change ? religion ? vaccines ? evil corporations [profit] ? guns ? energy? malthusian thinking ? breathing ?

The desire to extinguish life – conscious and unconscious –
to live back-words => evil / live

give people the operating system, and the system mostly runs itself ….

“the world tried to catch me, but did not succeed”

Troublemakers are easily flagged in such a system – canadian convey, twitter, a whole litany of data accumulation (etc.) ⇝ emotionally tinged, ai selected news stories to overwhelm any grand narratives and cement limited hangouts (i just learned of the memphis pd [james baldwin-black police-twitter], pelosi video ‽, project bs/veritas, california shootings g[al]ore, ukraine war [w/ iran/israel] … welcome to the quickening [music outro]:

an interesting read:
three charites/graces: shining, joy, blooming

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