¿ in search of higher returns … control thereof ?

priming of the pumps:

i was not aware that oil production is at it’s highest level ever (due to fracking)
damn, venezuela’s problems make sense all of a sudden …
how was i so unaware that the U.S. leads the world in oil production?– also notice the absence of Venezuela
China and Germany are the big fish – Hungary is the thorn in the EU’s plans

trying to catch up with world events – the question remains – why?
why is any of this important?

1 million barrels / day of oil to china thru espo {1.6 million total imports from russia}, of the 10 million barrels of oil china imports per day. see straight of malacca. wars in yemen? UAE? Chinese string of Pearls. SLOCs : NATO – UK/US; Trans-Atlantic & Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements – the domination of corporate governance above and beyond nation states—add in the talk of Saudi Arabia pricing oil in yuan, and world war iii starts to take shape … [interestingly, Russia does not have a Strategic Oil Reserve, similar to the one the United States and other countries have].


is it mental masturbation, at the end of the day?—yes, yes it is …
and the story is rather obvious from the above graphs, is it not?
– an addendum from a long petal of the sea:
chile, allende, copper
venezuela, anyone, oil

world politics: the control of oil
and right now, there is a seismic shift underfoot
it may have been Lavrov, who said that power/control is directly connected with oil, and it’s first derivative, the military.
the conflict in ukraine is a live military exhibition, perhaps?- in the face of russian advancements, particularly in the integrated radar systems introduced 2 years after the american boondoggle known as the f-35 fighter [javelin, f-22 – was a major goal of the war just to capture russian technology on the battlefield to reverse engineer it?]. {This reads like propaganda; me thinks both sides are full of shit, and just furthering the military-industrial arms race} is any of this real?

Con-men and criminals of the world, as banked with Credit Suisse …

The biggest weapon remaining in the arsenal of the west is propaganda – and it is mighty powerful! Scary powerful – it literally convinced the whole world to lockdown (for 2 years!) because of a flu outbreak!– and here is the thing; china and russia went along with the playbook; with one big caveat – as far as i understand, they did not employ mRNA shots (although, the viral vector comes with it’s own risks, so only the some of the vaccines are old-school [and still come with their own dangers, but seem to pale to the mRNA variants?]). What’s the big deal? iron(y), people laughed at me for caution around the vaccine; when will that laughing turn to shortness of breath? good day, and good luck …

americanization of emily– or lesya ukrainka?

So, i’ll back up. There are three main control mechanisms (some article I read). Resource/Military, Propaganda, and Financial. Since WWII, all three have been used extensively throughout the world. There is significant overlap with the three …
Resource/Military: latin america, gulf wars, vietnam, indonesia, korea, israel vs arabians, yugoslavia, manufacturing (chinese factories, NAFTA)
Propaganda: hollywood (media), education, religion, politics, climate change, covid, freedom, democracy, voting, capitalism vs socialism
Financial: bretton woods, us dollar hegemony, wall street/london/tokyo (LIBOR, WTO, IMF, World Bank), insurance, health-care
– sword, pen, paper – rock, paper, scissors (bad nutrition? lack of individuated thinking?)

oh no!– you sunk [ukraine’s] battleship!

luxuria / Lust
gula / Gluttony
avaritia / Greed
acedia / Sloth-spiritual torpor
ira / Wrath
invidia / Envy
superbia / Pride-vainglory

at the holiest time of the year.
april fools, indeed.

roman abramovich at the peace talks: Ihor Kolomoyskyi apparently stole a few billion from him, so putin is taunting the west by including him there – i.e., Putin knows with whom he is negotiating with – liars and thieves.

yikes, rip up the whole façade, down to the bed-rock foundation:



that last documentary really does sting – add it to the long list of childhood myths stripped away …

although, michael hudson: “So, the American war in Ukraine is really a war against Germany. Russia is not the enemy. Germany and Europe are the enemy and the United States made it very clear. This is a war to lock in our allies so they cannot trade with Russia. They cannot buy Russian oil.” i would disagree. the uk/us has wanted to keep germany and russia separate for the last 300 years.
paging orwell, george orwell:

1984 – is russia now green? or has russia always been green? japan is red. remember brexit? israel is red, no?
un vote on removing russia from the human rights council
russia/germany build nordstream 2; and just as it’s about to go online, the 2 minutes of hate ignite war?

easiest thing in the world is to trigger someone’s trauma – did europe ever recover from ww2, and then the cold war? apparently not …

bonus tracks:

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