in honour of jan iwaniec

he was a bull of a talented blacksmith – a jack of all trades when it came to fixing things
was dumb in other areas
had a fire of a temper when angered – one was wise to tread lightly around him
had a wandering eye [of which his children were unaware; even though it bulged out and to the side {i.e., unmissable}]
He enjoyed singing!
he married anna [?- unknown maiden name]
she was a tiny ball of shame and worry
she showed she cared through her cooking

this is a monument to anne of kiev –

Not in front of the kids!
the iwaniec cult came to america because anna paid local police in po-land to grab jan off the street, beat him up, and threaten to kill him if he stayed in poland …

I only remember both sets of grandparents (maternal and paternal) being together once –
it was at Dibrova park ; they were sitting at the picnic table in front of the groundkeeper’s cottage (Jan made the bench out of steel and wood, and was the summer groundkeeper and handyman at the park)
He was attempting to speak with Hryhoriij “Harry” Harbar, but Harry’s wife Stephanya was doing all the talking for him.
Eventually, frustrated because Harry wasn’t speaking, Jan turned to Stephanya and bellowed: Enough, let the man talk for himself!


i would go and visit jan later in life –
he would say: Говори за щось! Говори за щось!
but i never had anything to say
nobody had ever wanted to hear me before then (I was 20)
only be told what they wanted to hear
i would shrug my shoulders,
and reply: За що?

well, now i am talking (since january of 2019 [slowly, but surely]) —
turns out, everybody in the family still either doesn’t or can’t[on] hear me …

– no skin off my back –

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