i know little indeed

the turquoise and sandstone caught my eye
of the western museum
i am re-visiting jonathon (adampants)
the video is old-ish
exosomes are literally the same size
carry RNA between cells
they are functionally the same as “viruses”
not to say viruses don’t exist;
just that if virology doesn’t include exosomes

in their modeling … **
the story put forth is incomplete at best
the world’s a flood of information
don’t get side-tracked with the lab leak
diversion/cover story
it’s a [chinese finger-] trap !
[ discernment ]

** addendum ** that is to say – if you can clone the exosomes and spread it around the world – it is pragmatically the same, and appears the same to the layman just about everyone as
… the plandemonium …

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