goin’ deep and silent [work in progress]

What is incubation?
Alex Trebek: that is correct!

I wonder if this is the result of the world’s response to covid? Lockdown is also a prison term, and many prisoners are far more angry and violent when they leave prison. The lockdown severely damaged the economy (esp. supply chains) in conjunction with helicopter monetary policy (gas, real estate, food) leads me to believe the war is an outward focus at a time when reflection is necessary. Add in the fact that the russians poured gasoline with the 2018 moscow schism (on their side, as kyiv is the birth of the russian people and faith – kyivan-rus) … and one reaps what they sow. “great (!) reset” is the term used by the world economic forum (WEF = WTF?!?); religiously, as Girard stated, it is the apocalypse [the great revealing; for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear] ?

i might be in this world, but i am not of this world? or, perchance, is it a continuation of flights of fantasy and escapism rooted in puer aeternus [eternal youth; a.k.a. momma’s boy, don juan, peter pan, man-child, … arrested development]?

Mundus Imaginalis

bonus local track: [by the way, these are all addressed to my-Self; not any-one else!]

shan’t take things too seriously …

when one becomes a man, it is time to put away childish things …

shan’t take things too not seriously …

unless ye become like little children, heaven eludes

straight-razor’s edge!?.

– the war will be serious if russia or europe [germany] turns off the natural gas pipeline (the way thee ukraine turned off water and power to crimea following russia’s annexation thereof)

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