following logic … absurdly [unification day]

one of the first movies i remember watching in a theatre!

we mock what we dont understand/ [<– link]
“Disinhibited by the incipient disaster, everyone at the missile base becomes euphoric. …
The implication of the scene is clear: The only time we are really free is when the missiles are in the sky, on their way to obliterate everything, all possible consequences and disappointments. Lurking behind that is the idea that endless consumer desire is more dismal than actual apocalypse, in which (in fantasy, anyway) we can at least effortlessly get what we want for a glorious moment.”

tldr: YOLO , so make the most of it in trivial pursuit of nothingness !
[interestingly, Jordan Peterson credits his work/passion to fear and wanting to understand the MAD concept discussed in the article] MAD = mutual assured destruction, or how a fear story controlled world politics and a general milieu of nuclear Damocles
Now add in all the other bug-a-boos peddled ad infinitum:
Covid, Ukraine, Climate Change, Energy, Money, Food, Internet (data), Communism, Socialism, Corporate Capitalism, Anti Microbial Resistance, Demographics, Racism (CRT), Gender [dysmorphia], Mental Health Awareness [as a weapon], Education, Politics, Sexualization, Emotionally driven Social Media driven by computer algorithms (the facade of AI) …

“The Whirlwind Of Life”

Transcendent Warfare & Shamanism [<–link]
– FEAR (also paranoia, anxiety, etc.) limits access to the spiritual realms
– add in the individual ego, cartesian-platonic objectivity, together with the desire to control =>
no go …
“‘morons abound.’ We’re used to seeing this in the modern times, very few individuals remain in a state of integrity providing a clean (error free) light.”

the weavers of life’s story; the fates – because most French don’t care, the gov’t/media won’t dare publicly investigate, and Catholics are meek (in the weak sense).

[on a personal note –Чорні очка як терен]
and this was mostly a flight of fancy
i digress

Carl Jung once warned that Western people who take up Eastern spiritual practices run the danger, first, of doing those practices inauthentically, since they are not beginning with an Eastern psychic structure; and secondly, of using those practices to avoid the real psychological work they, as people with Western psyches, need to do to ever become ready for higher spiritual practice”

mural, dtsp
this same guy:
all is fair in love and war ? [<-really historically informative link on Unification Day in Ukraine]
“the Ministry of Education decided to create a festive atmosphere, and allocated 100,000 rubles for the task. The ceremony was to be led by Ukrainian actor, producer, and public figure [Vladimir Zelensky] Mykola Sadovskyi. Under his leadership, the city was adorned with national flags, Ukrainian drawings were hung on the balconies of homes and institutions, and on light poles rose the coat of arms of Ukrainian regions. Sofiiska square, where the Unification Act was to be declared, was particularly lavishly decorated. Solemn prayers and a military parade were planned.” …
“Nataliia Polonska-Vasylenko [report on the next day]: “The helplessness of the leadership influenced the general mood. Ukraine, squeezed between two great powers – the Entente from the south and Bolshevism from the north – didn’t have the strength to fight. Soldiers fled, and riots spread. This was the situation in which the union of the UNR and WUNR was proclaimed…but under the pressure of these joyless events, it passed by dryly, quietly.”
“After the Bolshevik coup in 1917, two of the Entente’s founding members – Britain and France – split the territory of the former Russian Empire into spheres of influence. Ukraine fell under the French zone.” – [L’viv does like to refer to itself as the Paris of the East]

*translation in comments

Dostoevsky on the Slavic Question [<- also a link]
“If nations do not live by superior, selfless ideas, and by the superior aims of serving humanity, but only to serve their own “interests,” then these nations will certainly perish; they will lose feeling, grow impotent, and die.”


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  1. Rode, rode Cossack to the city,
    Under the hoof, the stone cracked once, twice!
    Under the hoof, the stone cracked once more!

    The stone cracked under the hoof,
    The Nightingale in the garden sang once, twice!
    The Nightingale in the garden sang once more!

    Nightingale, you are my brother,
    Call me the girl from the house once, twice!
    Call me the girl once more!

    Call me the girl from the house,
    I have to ask her once, twice!
    I have to ask her once more!

    I have to ask her,
    Did not your mother beat you yesterday once, twice‽
    Did not your mother beat you yesterday once‽

    Oi you want her to beat you, avoid argument,
    Because with cossack (you) spoke once, twice!
    Because with cossack (you) spoke once more!

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