in the dark, the (i)eyes and min(e)ds are easily deceived – this is right in line with the ideology i was raised with. Testament. Kateryna. taras shevchenko’s words were more important than that jesus’ guy, that’s for sure … – are all these oligarchs working together? maybe?

one sees, that the war in the ukraine is actually beneficial to both russia and the united states, for the time being – europe is taken out, for what does europe offer after nostalgia is taken off the board?- a bunch of socialism in the form of solidarity that has been steadily eroded through immigration. If the masters of the hoi polloi have severed fully (and they have, if private space travel is symbolic in the least), then the last great peoples to be leveled are the americans – covid failed, blm failed, jan. 6 failed – the next step appears to be the continued disruption of markets; [natural gas, fertilizer, diesel might be important]. china closes shanghai, nato gets a black eye, and the dollar is on the ropes … ukraine is a pawn in this game, one more time:

I would edit the last word of that … we [russians and “ukrainians”/malorussians] are slavic, and thus not considered ‘properly’ “[western] european”; to the americans, we are nobody unless as a means to hate Russians/Soviets/communists/socialists/authoritarians/fanatically devout backwards “peoples”/etc.
an important point on the population statistic: it is a huge indicator of the power/vitality of a society – NAFTA, along with porous borders, were planned in order to increase the american birthrates – this is simple economics, and a fact of life. China has scuttled its one child policy, and that is where vitality rests: China, India, Brazil, Iran … BRIICS, anyone?- a shifting world, whether the stolid neo-cons like it or not.

or, for the fishermen out there, is a red herring more apropos? – ephesians, 6 or so? although, it also commends to obey your slave master; blowing raspberries in the wind … oh, my, missedtake; from dust to dust

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