a childrens’ crusade –

a book review of slaughterhouse five – kurt vonnegut

Kilgore Trout – trout is a fish, found in schools … Kill. Gore. School.
[addendum – a play on the “KILROY WAS HERE” meme from WWII?]
that is, if you want to get to the core of things in a curt manner. Curt [I] VannaGut.

american graffiti

“So what is it? What did we do wrong? We have over-socialized ourselves. We moved into the cities, lived on top of eachother, talked too much, made too many rules, went to school too long. Now we have added TV and the internet to that, and we are over-saturated, like an ant that has eaten too much apple cider. We are permanently buzzed on society, and cannot turn off, or even turn down, the superego. The superego is hypertrophied, constantly flexed like some strange bodybuilder, and the instincts are crushed under its bulk. We hear a constant patter of “I can’t do that” or “I must do that”. That is the cataleptic channel. The orders are so constant and so loud and so contradictory that the body and mind simply shut down at last. If we are not in some brainless routine, we are lost.” – http://mileswmathis.com/paris.html

Committee on Social Thought – Jew candles and lamps, I tell ya! [p.10]
Dresden, History, Stage, Gallery – whose story?- billy pilgrim (billy-boy on a pilgrimmage?)
stage – like that of Cinderella, put on by the british – disney – broken arm, condescending
gallery – a picture is worth a thousand words [especially if you can “frame” it correctly] – shetland pony and all! Curt paints the picture, do you have eyes to see?
– welcome to the theatre of the absurd, where war is painted just as fantastically as science fiction [and I’ll throw in the 60’s riots]

what science fiction – NASA (to the moon!), nuclear (unclear) weapons –
FEAR – fear Russia, but she is a paper tiger, but buy weapons and join NATO [as explained by noam chomsky]

seed chaos, dependence ; US to the rescue! (Elon Musk to the rescue!)

“When you are living your life as if it belonged to another person—another person far far below you, shiny and simplified and automatic, almost to the point of being inert—then you are living right.” – http://mileswmathis.com/paris.html [the life as sold to the average person from the super-ego; the culture at hand]

things ain’t perty, if numbers are to be believed.


focus, priorities;

1st day of june:

  to roll with the tide; the immensity of the ocean I have not felt for too long- 
the humble feeling of not being able to directly control anything but the narration.
  that leaves the feeble attempt to see things clearly, 
     [garbage in, garbage out] to see things clearly, again, starts at the foundation;
 cleanse the senses, sharpen the mind, 
    let go of the pre-conceptions; be-aware of old patterns returning !
  most importantly, re-mem-ber what the goal is , how to pro-seed.
now is the start, again and again, the s-tart, st-art, star-t...

addendum, 03.VI.22:

the explanation for the race riots was in the book:
easy to overlook, because it was framed as german propaganda –
MLK, blown away – why?
it wasn’t for the race riots, it wasn’t for black awareness …
and perhaps my history is shady (as in close to non-existent),
but wasn’t he blown away for pivoting to poverty from race?

the excerpt of propaganda from the american turned german –
that argument was factually accurate, albeit for nefarious purposes –
the germans were not harbingers of equality, opportunity, freedom, wealth;
quite the opposite, if you were slavic …
i digress

in the united states, there was just as much propaganda and [1]

is free-will a by-product of Narration?– and even then,
an accident of delusion?
— that is, to say, free-will is a shared delusion that is brought into being by way of the delusion itself‽

that sounds a lot like a petitio principii, or circular reasoning [i can’t seem to remember the exact term I am looking for here, it seems to consistently allude me– tearicle ? – ]

[1] howard campbell (junior): “America is the wealthiest nation on Earth, but its people are mainly poor, and poor Americans are urged to hate themselves … It is in fact a crime for an American to be poor, even though America is a nation of poor. … Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously untrue….”

time is illusory; fluid and based on [shared?] perspective

racism is a red herring; it shifts focus off of class warfare and unto division (from divide and conquer) in the lower classes. It has been such a resounding success in the united States, that it was effectively outsourced to europe; see muslim immigration; or, more likely “latinizing” europe? [monroe doctrinesque]

of what matter, to someone located in florida? very little, indeed.
freedom has always been a construct of language and perspective as well?

a necessary corollary of narration, and thus, what exactly?

bringing it together

the crusade – the book is brothers karamazov written by celine about kurt’s experience in dresden …
that may not be clear
vonnegut wrote the book in Celine’s style (Journey to the End of the Night link below!), weighing heavy topics of society, unbound in Brothers Karamazov. That is the structure of the book. the motif is american sci-fi.

the question is; execution‽

what is the defining feature of western european / united states / chinese ?
– obey authority, authority is science , science is your god –
it is a management system
the same conclusion always – unplug, live

What is Time?


yeah, i get it …



So it goes.


bonus tracks:

so it goes

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