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this piece is dark ; and more or less done :
as a primer, one might want to be familiar of the power of victimization in general; i.e., the jewish story by and by, but also used by the ukies [tldr – it’s easy to commit atrocities under the cover of being the eternal victim, and a persecuted people – the psychology of pity and self-pity therein is especially illuminating ]

… now, unto the news/olds/same-same ruse:

Last note, chabad judaism flourished in ukraine/khazaria; zelensky and kolomoisky are both jewish … that is to beg the question of the second front the US has been bombarded with; wait, russia/syria was the start, ukraine the second front, [georgia? azerbaijan? shiite, yugoslavia ?] china/taiwan the feign all along ! Alas, is putin in on it? it’s entirely possible, and almost a certainty that some under him are or were compromised (prigozhin the caterer ?) fractions of an understanding in a faction… too many events in re thee ukraine conflict simply don’t add up. yikes, on ward:

– let in? concert was announced the day before? intentional stand-down? return of the night of the gliders? Another nine 11 ? 6th of january ? I mean, it’s either the most sophisticated military intelligences in the world are mostly useless or … recently there was a debate on twitter over the ADL that Elon Musk actually chimed in on – how easy ’twas to beat the carpet to inflame on that topic, and send people down jewish rabbit holes of those more than useless conspiracies (too trapped in zion)

back to the competing factions; smaller yet more powerful, wealthy, and influential than actual governments and corporations and banks and … a spectre (spectacular, if not competitive [“competition is a sin” some rich guy]) amalgamation of shifting powers and principalities [aggrandizers, if one will]. Why know any of this; is this the hubris of useless facts ?

he testified at the U.N. to the same effect
although he seems quite untrustworthy

another article – again, i’m not saying this is true, but the official narrative is as believable as the kyiv-rus civil war , the iraq wars, the spanish-american war; damn – the world is a stage, stop following/allowing this garbage into my life !!! [a note to mySelf]

… still untrustworthy

– october is the time of revolution – all hallow’s eve – the night before all saints’ day, or drawing out of the old-world seers ?

it be jews Israeli is time – gaetz torpedoed ukraine black money, so the best victims in the world stepped up !
Hell, i bet there be babies without heads ! … classic baby killing !!!

i am not trying to be cynical – every conflict in the heater stages includes “atrocities” meant to get blood a boiling … emotions, the driver of action in the human being ? The real question is why is there so much more air time to the side of Palestine; instigate more chaos? Beat the carpets to root out further possible dissidents? Twitter/X is the perfect platform for getting emotional reflex responses out of people – tweet immediately and as emotional as possible to feed the algos … especially since twitter monetized recently. This is also why twitter/x was likely given to elohimusk ; get rid of the censorship [access depth and reach of increasing network/individual data], because it was time to get angry and controversial ?

ever onward.

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