¡ big picture time ! [updated from 30 jan.]

the story of a war
financial -> biological -> traditional (ukraine; syria, iraq, 11.9, blm) ->
[ question: why elon musk, twitter, and the now widely accepted gain of function story ? ]

because the biological phase of the operation is now fully complete ?-
{and unto the next phase: unleash chaos on-line; the damn was holding back a flood of information on covid/viruses/vaccines – which was loosened during an unusually cold winter in North America [ and yet historically warm winter in europe – how much weather modification is possible ? ] }=>

with this in mind –>
is the final, upcoming blow the use of biological weapons in the slavic civil war ?
[incidentally, if china really wanted taiwan and it’s semiconductor plants intact … dark]

is the final blow going to be the unavoidable disaster of excess deaths from the vaccine ???

this would unite the covid operational theatre with the special military operation theatre;
a world war would start to shift the focus away from the vaccine deaths { i have a hard time taking the balloon very seriously };
a quick bankrupting of pfizer would give the illusion of justice …
how does the financial theatre work into this?- BRICS, gold, the destruction of european finance … the weaponization of the dollar that rolls into …
digital everything ? [in something of a local/national/international trifurcation …
serfdom 2.0 – which might include health { vaccines ! }, carbon {energy ! }, and social credit {?} ]

historically – the most effective control mechanism would be … famine / food [control energy, control nations; control food, control the people] ?
famine => weak immune system <= vaccine
death [of those that aren’t strong enough to work, and have no wisdom to pass on]
[this flows from peter zeihan’s work on demographics; which, along with geography, he is talented at … virology and military, not so much, in my humble opinion]

i wonder if cataclysm was in the cards regardless
and a “controlled” demolition was instigated –
like fire control in a california prairie…

in the fog of war, it is much easier to cover over sinister machinations …
the alien and sedition acts, along with the espionage and trading with the enemy acts come to mind, in re misinformation, disinformation, etc. … [1798, both world wars, etc.] … not to mention that the passport was instituted during world war i, along with a myriad of new taxation – woodrow “he kept us out of war” wilson’s taxes to the automatic withholding of taxes from each paycheck during world war ii … there are many more examples from the study of his-story of gov’t expansion during it’s healthiest activity – war – was it not lincoln and napoleon that feared the bankers behind them more so than the armies in front of them ‽‽‽

apparently, the following pdf does not display on mobile devices
so, fyi, if you want to see the notes on the book ->
view it on a laptop, chromebook, or pc …

notes of other rene guenon works can be found at:

well, this was a dark post, indeed

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