back to time, subjectivity, scalar relations …

i was in a rush, and skipped in front of someone in line. It looked like he was looking at something on the side, and not in line. I was not sure, but instead of asking if he was, in fact, in line, i took the opportunity to jump in front. not too thrilled with myself on that one.
[ there is nothing awkward in simply asking a question – yay, regression; his passive aggressiveness did not exactly motivate me to right the wrong either; que sera, sera ]

the theory is, that to a fruit fly, that lives but 24 hours, that it’s life from my perspective is ridiculously short – but from it’s own perspective, life might be extremely long.
the difference between time experienced in line at the grocery store, stuck in traffic, etc. vs. time spent doing something enjoyable.

when i am aligned, and blessed with grace – all time is a wonderful experience, regardless of the circumstance – moments pregnant with experience, wisdom, bounty …

may i continue growing to be better … sincerely

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