a lynchian sunday, incl. a harbarth connection

this one spent reading The Primary Russian Chronicles for a spell …
along with trees and architecture

the fullness caught my eye
Pan Am
exposed wooden beams
over a lovely covered porch/balcony
melrose place
different building here;
i liked the balcony
pine-al again
and a few more
come hither, the tree motions
mmm, berries

from where i read the primary russian chronicles
Kiev was named after the eldest of three bros. and a sister; Kiy —
it was claimed Kiy was a ferryman
for who else was a ferryman ???


[also spelt Harbard; short for harbarthsljoth; har – bard – sloth ?]

Kiy, Shchek, Khoriv, Lybed
favourite tree in the whole city
zen like
take the stairs up to …

the next two shots taken from the same spot

well … that just sounds like white noise
recording of the water
it sounded richer in person
glass pyramid top
mini trestle and vine flowers
rose coloured life (no filter)


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