a weekend sojourn

the last picture i took this weekend, for linear time shall fade to dream time [along with dream logic] herein …

fair warning: https://musaartgallery.com/blogs/news/why-is-the-jack-of-spades-so-powerful-and-how-to-use-it-jack-of-spades-meanings [and this was not a prop, i stumbled upon it, then asked what it might mean for this post; i.e., it caught my eye, for why?]

let’s take a few steps, what is that?!?

starting with the excitement of a …. pine cone? well, this is florida, some kind of palm seed? on the way to brazil – https://lanceschuttler.com/the-symbolic-connection-between-dna-pine-cones-the-pineal-gland-and-light/ – but, if you insist!

on a saturn-day bicycle ride, the next day – i felt like randomly stopping here, drawn perhaps …

“The oil in white pine needle tea inhibits inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA and inhibits blood platelet aggregation and clotting.” – Judy Mikovitz
now unto rio de janeiro

and yes, I wandered all around the church during and after the show
i remember the first time watching this movie; north port, florida, christmas time, with the pfefferkorns. rogan was a touch incredulous

the outro:

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