a story continually en/un/-folding

i.e., the folding of the eu …

there aren’t many must see videos; it’s more of a mosaic that becomes more revelatory with more inclusive data points (news that adheres to the story, or demands attention outside thereof) — that said, watch the following video at the link on
the art of a grand narrative with intricate details ;
the map / reality relationship:

fractions -> covid -> ukraine {<– link}
f[r]actions – it’s about the organizational structures, and leverage points;
the movie disclosure and the departed especially – what are the competing factions/loyalties/motivations/etc. — for 95% of the people [?] it is money, security, minimization of being uncomfortable [confrontation, hassle, do the paperwork (but complain about it with work “friends”), etc.]

he who believes bullshit, is very useful indeed
see also:
[ ⸘ ] shot in the back [ ‽ ]
kiev-rus orthodox slavics
the song reminds one of this joke
’tis the common kievan-rus folk that will suffer
and continue to blame others
as above
so below
fairy tales
all around
[all unbound ? abound ? ]
people simply don’t like [and have been conditioned not] to think for themselves
they’d rather pick the narratives offered
[ through consensus solidify or contra-indicate ? ]

what faery tails are you chasing ? what fair-y narrative am i in spell to ?

Ankhon Dekhi [movie] is fantastic

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