a longer version [of discernment]:

alternatively: https://commons.orthodoxwiki.org/The_Modern_Russian_Eight_Tones

stumbled upon this, somehow; ugh, not a fan of this show at all … https://youtu.be/k2L9lWlJC0U the ending is particularly offensive, but not surprising …
sad note, unlike scause bracelets, probably can’t as easily return an experimental vaccine to the wall of green, er walgreen’s …
[NAC; intravenous vitamin C; ?]
the end of the episode apparently drugged up jesus is wearing a pussy riot shirt:

bringing the world such future classics as : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z48fNpTEPqg
[do not confuse this as me saying putin is the good guy]

that was a pleasant exchange of words in tone; alas, it was narrative forming excrement,


do people still listen to such tripe?

actual analysis, if one wishes to see and feel the difference – still not entirely accurate [imho], but closer to the narrative [zelensky was ready to call for peace twice; both times boris johnson showed up the next day {with god knows what gifts or threats}]

a quick how to [that works for me; ymmv]:

frequency, resonance –> response


music outro:

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