a little ditty:

Here’s the english version:

and here is the same idea in intellectual form:

And here is a religious perspective.

things to keep in mind, i suppose; to stay unmired in the going-ons of craziness:
for instance, if one were to compare Maidan in Kyiv, circa 2013-14 with Ottawa, circa 2022;
what is the narrative?
The fine web weaved by media paints a much different story than the one on the ground, and certainly has only a passing nod to any-thing resembling truth.

best to sing and dance, and enjoy one’s senses not bombarded with rage against the machine …

grief over the fact i may never see Montréal, let alone paris (goodbye new orleans); unless illegally [unvaccinated; likely had covid, and thus have superior natural immunity; knock on wood].

Parva que sou!