a grander narrative, or grand chessboard if one wishes

[ a very rough draft – i’ve come across good sources for all of this, but why bother ? ]
[ and yes, the grand chessboard alludes to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s magnum opus; and also plays on Revolver (movie) … ]

[paraphrase] “Everytime we (gov’t operation) do something, people research, study, and come to conclusions roughly in line with what was done. By that time, we’ve already moved on to the next thing (or more on down the line). Actors vs. intellectuals of history.” – Cheney, Rumsfeld ?

Quotes Authors Joseph Goebbels Next Stay “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”

a good majority of the thoughts here in originated with the documentary The Real Anthony Fauci Movie and the website Round the Earth – https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/

Timeline of events:

Omicron released late 2019; found to not be lethal enough? Military games in china, perchance?

Repo market goes tits up, October 2019. 4.5 Trillion US $ given to a few banks (3-5 ?)

New strain of covid released, Event 201 goes live (more deadly than the previous strain). China goes full lockdown. Shanghai maybe targeted for political reasons. Release of strains around the world in systemic fashion, to closely mimic “natural” spread.

Eventually, masks and lockdowns and absolute fear spread to almost every corner of the world. The dominance of technology , the closing of small businesses …

Protests are begin to get serious; Canadian Convey ends/broken up on Feb. 23 – the friendly neighbor to the north of the united States. The war theatre goes hot in Kiev-Rus on Feb. 20. Social media made the switch between the convoy to the war with “perfect” timing – coincidence ?

thee ukraine Russia war is mostly fake; an intelligence operation mostly filled with propaganda. Atrocity videos on both sides are filmed – especially egregious are thee ukrainian ones against Russia – likely meant to rile support in Russia. Ukrainians have limited artillery, and large losses. Russia does not move swiftly. Nor is critical infrastructure hit for months – i shall assume the deal between the US/UK and Russia is that Russia will restore Kiev-Rus in exchange for losing it’s European gas customers, and ending the Belt and Road initiative. Russians think long term, and the return of Kiev is far more important than short term profits; i.e. how US thinks. Additionally, if China is to ever be fully contained, Russia will be needed for the eastern border; not for war, but for the threat of war. China is the ideal country – Asian submission, society before individuality; is Taiwan part of the deal for chinese involvement in exchange for the loss of the belt and road initiative?

The real target for the eastern european war is western europe. The only real threat to the united States are relatively free and industrious western europeans. Additionally, in total submission to malthusian thinking, the greatest fear is the continued resource growth of china and india; followed by the middle east, south america, and eventually africa …

How much of the war aid is being diverted through failing European banks to keep them functioning? Failing banks + contracting industry will catch up with western europe in the next year or two?

The united States is diminishing. The uS nordstream explosion has already occurred – the keystone XL pipeline, permits revoked on day one of joe biden’s presidency.

When the Dollar collapses / is no longer the reserve currency – a new “currency” will be introduced – hello social credit score, green energy use, and medical records – this will be implemented either through a carrot/stick approach (commercial transactions, social events, travel … ) potentially through civil war / famine / pestilence (gene modification therapy, anyone, anyone; with omicron seemingly only affecting the vaccinated ) … i assume, dear reader, there is no trust of media, nor the gov’t

The militaries in the united States and Russia mandated vaccination – combined with biological labs in thee ukraine, and outbreaks of strange … this is a long article, but worth the read, building to ?

Back to ole’ billy boy gates prediction: the elections were likely tampered with (aren’t most of them, at a national level?- didn’t the chicago mafia help JFK? ) Or is it a coincidence that all recent elections are super close, involve voting machines, and the wrinkle of super long counting times?- things are worse off compared with just about every democratic country, and degraded significantly since Dewey defeated Truman !

Why? the democrats are far more aligned with the global elite than the republicans; democrats get things done, republicans tend to be the contrarian party more loyal to the national elite.

Question I have pondered – the fox in the chicken coop – RFK as controlled opposition. RFK riles up the issue in re the vaccines – so guys like Rand Paul get to yell at Fauci for a few more months? That is, looking backwards while both parties support the war, etc. Rand Paul, just like his father, is a safety valve for conservatives. He plays his part, but doesn’t step up when he can – just like Ron Paul falling in line over election fraud in the Republican primaries – inert safety valves to let off steam; from the FED to Fauci.

The trump distractions fall right in line with the safety valve. Now he is going after Ron DeSantis. Archive home break in. Trump is repulsive to democrats because he is old school masculine (not in a good way, in a blustery way).

Miscellaneous: China did not vaccinate with mRNA gene modification therapy.

Quarantine camps in Australia

The flood of information available is a feature, not a bug. The chaotic nature also makes people give up. People do not generally know how to critically think for themselves and/or are extremely reluctant to stand up for themselves, especially when outnumbered – social conformity, obedience to authority, fear of shame, fear of safety … I read once that in the middle ages, people preferred death over excommunication.

If Joe Biden gets worse, what is to keep the white house from using deep fake technology ? Zelensky has already been fully scanned.

Why is the vatican involved with peace talks between the US (Protestants) and Russia (Orthodox)?

Crappy actors not meant to be taken seriously: “Dr. Evil” K Schaub and his jewish sidekick Y Harari.

just found this, to boot
it is a good accompaniment for overstanding the post
grammarian, i am

one final note: the most important question i have to ask myself often:
How does any of this affect my life, and/or what can i do about it if it is true ?
If the answer is no, it does not affect my life: this is intellectual masturbation
If the answer to the second question is nothing: this is needless worry / fear porn

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