a glorious start of a day

this is roughly the spot that i did my own lightning test, in the 2008th year.
i went out on the previous pier, the inverted pyramid.
it was a very dark time of my life; extremely passive, self-pitying, and too much drinking.
in the middle of a mid-mourning/early afternoon thunder/lightning storm,
i strode out on said pier.
with lightning nearby, i yelled out into the heavens …
daring god/zeus to strike me down …
needless to say, it wasn’t my proudest moment, but a turning point in some ways.
later, on that pier, under the blazing sun of summer,
i read Marshall McLuhan’s Classical Trivium – a repentance, i suppose, that let me see
life more clearly, and ordered my mind to gratitude and humblance to the heavens / existence / life …
[glad to see an historical marker built into the new pier, so i shan’t forget that experience]

green moss
blue crab
a shared appreciation of grace with a dolphin
a delightful chance encounter with some friends
top of the day, at a snail’s pace
what is there to be scared of, in reality ?

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