nuts and bolts of a story

based on the book and findings of robert f. kennedy II
the following documentary is a good overall summary:
this site has been removed already …
wow ………….[and it’s back up, the back and forth in order to make people look ___?]$/search?q=real%20anthony%20fauci

that said, there was a politician, i believe it was likely donald rumsfield, who stated [paraphrase]: It doesn’t matter what we do. By the time the public figures it out, studying it and coming to conclusions, we’ve moved on to the next thing. We are always one [/many] steps ahead of them.

war in eastern europe. financial crisis. famine [not from climate hoax; lack of fertilizer from eastern europe, and farm closures]. {how much of this is general fear/anxiety v. reality}
BOO! devil’s night, all hallows eve …

shot in my favourite place in saint petersburg

ephesians 6:12 …

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