— inter(j)est —

finally jaded ( ¿ apophenic yawning ? )
quick in memoriam : a favourite scene / sequence in a movie :

there are signs everywhere

i am done with an earlier article – boo-boo
and after suffering being awaken by another kind of boo-boo

’tis a matter of perspective, no yes

this will build on – for, perhaps, an on-going synthesis – an amalgamation of sorts –

made to measure – full documentary
*former youtube video apparently down the memory hole

“Without a well-developed, enduring private self*, people feel threatened by all progress, all freedom, all new challenges, and then experience annihilation anxiety, fears that the fragile self is disintegrating, since situations that call for self-assertion trigger memories of maternal abandonment.” –

not worth watching past the ~ 40 minute mark [amish bs]

4K TV/X(twitter) and the power of Narrative ; in a sea of Propaganda … is this important ? [ the nature of media and feelings ]
The demand to be lied to … and then feign outrage at the farce of being a willing dupe … a fool ? and in the end, it was i that kept enthralled in delirium ; the steady infusion of entrainment ;

— auth —

are we in the middle of a war ? all-ways ? [verbum vincet]
in the beginning was the word

the vertical and horizontal caught me eye

[ to be continued , {maybe} ]

post script: https://popehead.substack.com/p/exiting-the-witch-house

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