ending the beginning

it was grasping what the story was ; what stories are

— naïveté demands betrayal —

the chapter , i close , once and for all , god-willing , unto the next with grateful remembrance and embrace;

[ and , as opposed to autistic , thanks full giving ]


did you know that venetian / vatican intelligence told the golden horde / mongols / khans which scythian / slavic [/tartarian] places to attack and when ? What is “real” , “history” ;

all it takes is a good story.

dis-claimer – this is meant as a start of questions
and not put forth as truth

what i’m currently playing with – catholic/christian ritual is based on blood – sacrifice and communion – what is the importance of blood and ritualhow do vaccines [ 144,000 and 216,000 ] play into it ? waste of time, energy; the re-re-turn:

alchemical furnacing

if one wanted to tune the blood via electromagneticism and fear and nano and extraction via material means … mass ritual

is one moon enoughfacts be curious

thank you, in full fill ment of grace :
the real duty of the human being is not to question, question, question;
it is the affirmation of self beyond questioning

[another] update to inter(j)est

inter(j)est article was updated (due to a busted youtube video)

A link below the new video therewithin was so extra-ordinary, it deserves its own post:

[ agree to the consent, and watch the whole thing in one go for the interactive portion to work properly : { it is approximately ~ 1 hour and 3 minutes long } ]

[ ¿ is google the modern day confessional ? ]

the bait was free music

the ending of the documentary re-minded me of the following :

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262956617_The_horror_of_a_doppelganger_in_documentary_film – [ the point is true , notwithstanding Lacanian bullshit ]

Nothing in Excess ※ Know ThySelf ※ Surety is Ruin

— auth —

zoom out

[ addendum to — inter(j)est — ]
slight conjecture , if one allows it …
{ and by slight , i meany massive }
— know thyself —
honesty/truth is a solution , for which escape/hiding* is no longer a viable option
at the end of the day; – no.body that honours the escapade ; yet not over-indulgence spilling into war-ship

El -ect-ric El-ohim
also compare a [french] cathedral round glass window with a speaker –
⸘ amplification ‽

* the invisible rainbow [ it’s in the queue , making this post premature ] :

and it all matters –
in the sense that it is material control used to influence the mind -> soul -> spirit …
it is illusory , as a matter of course ;
an aetherial battle waged in a lost war
[ what can i say , i do enjoy studying stratagems , perhaps a bit too much ]