something in the air

⸘⸘⸘ this can’t be real , can it ‽‽‽
Ai , LLM tom-foolery ? it’s a joke one way or another …
it just has to be …
those funny, ironic people at … MIT !
[seriously, i had to look up this publication because some of the articles seem more appropriate to the Onion …]

the flower to leaf ratio is absurd !
a quick sidescape to italia
one more for the road !
[more so the closest villa to the above white flowered trees in the park]
it seems like all drivers have regressed significantly
my patience has (also) certainly thinned

or maybe it’s some other campy thing
[ i did say it was campy !– but any-more-so than the first linked article ? ]

in-sight of tillusion

i combined time and illusion, for the word tillusion. take that, language !

Man is slow to understand, reason, logic … therefore, the language model, in order to “realistically” interact with man, mimics our speed found in language — this is the Quickening [as propagated in media]. Man fears this [alleged] quickening, because a language model does not feel pain. Pain is how man controls others – in a civilized manner, it is the threat of pain, including the pain of exclusion. ChatGPT does not take into consideration pain, ex-communication, etc. — how could it ?

The language model sees the control method of how to control man – is it much of a leap in logic to see how useful this is to those who control the “Ai” … ?

what does that cloud look like to you ?

The inherent power of something like an “Ai” with built in parameters is to those who program – if the model is built to only use logic from the premise of “man-made climate change”, “pandemic causing viruses”, and “a list of dwindling resources” =

no, don’t expect power to wink at you

this leads to the matrix – ai does not have free agency, it is still a reactionary mechanism – is man the same ?- i.e., we live in a deterministic universe were free-will is derived from our ability to tell stories … and thus the mind-fu@k that is something like ChatGPT – because most humans are little more than robots themselves … ?

In-sight to tillusion … unless you can mold the alchemical temple inside from the fires of the world ?

the individual vs. the subsuming collective …
– the legal system (think of a jury of your peers) is built on whose STORY do you believe ?

Ah, that’s the goal – do you see – the magician moving at a speed that man can’t comprehend – so agency (never really grasped to begin with for many) is just as easily transferred from an authoritarian/expert to a number crunching machine … it’s not me, not what i want – it’s the computer telling us the answers ; it’s so smart, we can’t even figure out the steps it takes – but it can win the game of GO, so who are you ?

“Whether island or valley, whether in space or (from the industrial and bourgeois revolutions on) in time, the new framework is correlative to the new inhabitants. The
aliens-utopians, monsters, or simply differing strangers— are a mirror to man just as the differing country is a mirror for his world. But the mirror is not only a reflecting one, it is also a transforming one, virgin womb and alchemical dynamo: the mirror is a crucible.”

Metamorphoses of Science Fiction, 1977 [from this article, which i only read the intro to]

there it is – a mirror to focus the light into the alchemical crucible

i know little indeed

the turquoise and sandstone caught my eye
of the western museum
i am re-visiting jonathon (adampants)
the video is old-ish
exosomes are literally the same size
carry RNA between cells
they are functionally the same as “viruses”
not to say viruses don’t exist;
just that if virology doesn’t include exosomes

in their modeling … **
the story put forth is incomplete at best
the world’s a flood of information
don’t get side-tracked with the lab leak
diversion/cover story
it’s a [chinese finger-] trap !
[ discernment ]

** addendum ** that is to say – if you can clone the exosomes and spread it around the world – it is pragmatically the same, and appears the same to the layman just about everyone as
… the plandemonium …