One more

the manipulation of emotions,
the extreme forms of it via electronic stimulation
leads to uncontrolled emotions with people
there is no baseline, no knowledge of self outside of

i suppose that is why i enjoy my mid-day excursions; life at a leisurely pace …

stay classy, europe

i asked google for the definition of bourgeois
so now it is the middle class !!!
[the dissonance of middle class = rich ; from the definition to the “” use]
hardy-har-har [george carlin]

..Putin previously criticized the grain deal, saying that while it was touted as a way to help poor countries deal with surging global food prices, in practice Ukrainian exports mostly went to rich EU nations.
​ ​The abundance of grain and other food products from Ukraine on European markets has apparently angered local producers, who are struggling to compete with the cheaper imports, the Wall Street Journal reported last week.
​ ​The EU previously had quotas and steep tariffs for Ukraine trade, protecting its own farmers and forcing Ukrainians to export most of their produce to other places. But the restrictions were lifted after Russia attacked the country in February, and European governments rushed to support Kiev with various forms of assistance.
– all the farm closures and buy-outs through-out europe make a touch more sense now …

after global pharma / bill gates convinced most of europe to imprison themselves, and then gleefully partake in rapacious gene modifying therapy; global agro goes after the relatively healthy farming practices of europe.

and farming will not be returning soon

covid was the canary in the coal mine.
China is the shining example of people who go along to get along; the perfect worker specimen for capital.

potentially sensitive content; hardy-har-har

settling in for the long haul

— the turning of seasons —

– wisps dancing eloquently –
honourable mention:
if only this were a scratch ‘n’ sniff !
this particular fern tree has yellow flowers
the interplay of flower and iron
transcendent music …
… brings the faeries out …
… of old gnarly resting abodes.
hello kitty [?] more doors, to passage-ways foretold and yet unknown
the sixth sense / the fifth element / die hard [‽]
bonsai !
slight indictment of the state of education
all sentiment, lack of [majik] spelling
shiny patch of green
sun peek, roller-skater and statue similarities
guardians of the gate
lion of venice
the myth of normal
fire and water

the end of the world is just the beginning – peter zeihan

a book review, but first: [and even before the video; his views on the civil war in eastern europe between slavs i find to be often ridiculous*; i.e. based on western/ukrainian propaganda] now unto the video and review:

for instance, was putin politically stumping for xi ?

the fracturing of the global economy –
Resources – modernity is built on the scaffolding of a super intertwined complex interspersed system of resources (from all corners of the globe, just in time)
Shipping – reliant on U.S. protections, which are waning
[ ]
Demographics – everywhere, populations are getting older with less children/working adults – millennials in 2040 the exception
Finance – the U.S. is relatively healthy; Eu is teetering, China is running an experiment on how much money they can make up before reality reasserts itself (asian financial crisis on steroids)
[ ]
Food – famine appears to be unavoidable (the best spice in the world – hunger; it will make bugs look very appetizing [my editorial])

it is not pretty …
although, the united States does seem to be sitting in the best position [more broadly, NAFTA] –
crazy just how effed China is, if the book is accurate.

Take-aways: the last couple of years make more sense – if the splintering of the world is going to happen regardless of the actions man takes now – due to what man has done the last 75 years, but especially the last 20/25 years, and even moreso the last 10 – then it is likely better for it to happen sooner rather then later:
If China is going to disintegrate due to being a vacuum cleaner of resources due to demographics and finance, then using Taiwan to push the country to face reality makes sense.
If Russia has a host of problems [though it appears to be mostly demographic] then push there too.
Europe lives beyond her means, and the union is based on a fantastical narrative rather than feasible existability, let alone sustainability, then she will be treated as such …

The book does not address the many uS/corporate policies that have hindered many of the nations into the organized chaos structures many humans find themselves apart of …
e.g., the turning of large swaths of arable land from solid food stuffs to export based cash crops, the ruining of indigenous industries for political reasons (allende in chile, venezueala, etc.) Not to mention the coups, the bribes, the cajoling, the wars. Fair point, however, the book’s focus/perspective is based on geography first and foremost. Additionally, without the aforementioned intrusions into the affairs of different countries, the american led Order would not have been possible – how else does oil from the middle east end up all around the world?

the landscape after WWII was historical anomaly that is now coming apart at the seams.

At the end of the day, having a bunch of people flying all over the world as tourists is dumb.
Automobile usage around the world, based on the American model, is dumb.
The unending use of electricity for entertainment and comfort is dumb.
and this will not be popular, but old people with no wisdom to share is dumb (esp. rich retirees). [the culling of nursing home residents in many states (NY, NJ, Penn.) lends to this train of thought – ]
– or look into canadian euthanasia – er, “dying with dignity” trends/worries

most of the green revolution is pie in the sky marketing : e.g., the energy to build a tesla battery = 55,000 miles driven by an ICE vehicle in terms of CO2 output; this doesn’t even include the extra brake sediment released b/c EVs are heavier.

at the end of the day, the book was very repetitive, because a lot of the factors that are problems for certain countries/regions all overlap and relate to one another. Dire is the word that comes to mind, with little glimmers of hope interspersed here and there. North America does seem to have a lot better chance of riding out the forthcoming misery, but internal politics is not discussed in the book [and also intelligence/propaganda: ] – i.e., there appears to be a major propaganda effort to splinter the country into many different factions. Where Zeihan sees and writes of regions connecting, there appears to be a very real chance for the balkanization of America, along the lines hoped for in the following book (by the brutish british, master saboteurs and plotters):

that said, covid/vaccine is the canary in the coal mine for me, as opposed to geography.

* [ video therein: ] – i would guess the equipment is highly inflated, and what was left was likely left to prolong the war for the reasons listed below …
counter point of view from andrei martyanov:

– it is still my opinion that the “theatre of war” in eastern europe is meant to implement wide spread deindustrialization in western europe, and in general lower the living standards therein – with the added global capitalist aim of crippling strong unions and the connections that come with national worker solidarity. I could be completely wrong, by the way; and the possibility is, admittedly, very high; I don’t follow the news very much or give that much thought to geopolitics. grain of salt, and all …

the colours [dancin’ water]:

the red hue of the sand caught my eye
open air post office
water and spores …
mushrooms galore !
stately magnificence
shimmering reflection
shades of ghostbusters
sea grass river
the steeple from is illuminated by the setting sun
… and perhaps a halo or two just above there …
the justified dentist episode springs to mind
pontiac – old school americana …
birds of paradise
outstretched limbs
wisps of a whirling dervish
a rose (?) snaked into a plumeria tree
the colours of miami vice
so this pic belongs here; linear chronology be damned …
i was beckoned to take a shot of this new epitaph …
… and lo, three manatee were lazily grazing aboot
shifting colours, so rapidly
there’s just somethin’ ’bout alleys
and brick roads in general; yellow in front of my abode

after an ~ 40 mile bicycle ride, a short addendum:

rain and sunshine, at the end of the day
a favourite spot i haven’t seen in much too long
this was new, along the trail
mmm, forbidden fruit across the moat
john’s pass
at the undertow
someone’s backyard altar?- off the pinellas trail
temple of the dog?- anubis and jesus? ahura mazda? a greek god?
one more time, before the water dances in the street …

новая цель / намерение

lana del rey – t.s. eliot – burnt norton (interlude)
so many rainbows dancing in the moist air
by ben buxta, the bohemian
arya bhavan
palm tree row (l.a. style)
passages between worlds
zen key west
possession is 9/10’s of the law
former mayor’s mansion – 1926 –
how watermelons grow; who knew?
” According to Analects 8:8, he said: “It is through the Odes (poetry) that a man’s mind is aroused, through the rules of ritual that his character is established, and through music that he is perfected… The only way for society to thrive is to be in tune with the universal norm indicated through music… Rituals are not simply a matter of decorum. They are the institutions, orders and norms that developed from primitive magical ritual and unite the universe with society. If one wants to know whether a kingdom is well governed, whether its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will provide the answer.”
– from

self – discerning – care

take a seat
old-school florida cool
when dancing on the borderline of sanity
care is of the utmost importance
just not of this realm {material world}
— clear intentions —
i love how it appears that the boat is visible behind the concrete seawall
bust your sides out laughing everyday
and the leaves are so: delicate supple soft
touchingly pleasing
convivial flowers
one strong hug
  even in the midst of surrounding misery;
My story is tremendous
 if I be courageous enough
  – to just be –
 true:   to it, to me
  to all that wish to hear here
   (throw pearls not to swine)
  yet, how will I know ?
 that great fear
    of false affection
 I trust myself, 
   that great ineffable
      святой дух
  when engulfed, 
 in harmony with the perspective,
  that no longer originates in the eye/i,
  but rather is everywhere and nowhere,
    one can surf on ...
what a beautiful mess


obstentatious children with their loud, gas smelling toys this weekend!
yikes, whoever wrote this is in all kinds of lost places
[imho, reminds me of my writings from pain]
good luck, brother
[or sister, or some other self-identified entity …]
said children (apparently) don’t pick up after themselves
two women burning shit in a public restroom
and allowed to walk
fire dept. and police did nothing
¿¿¿ QUE ???
i mean, does not paper cash work better
an ode to john harbar
my father
[to be clear, i am not idolizing him –
that fucker was a weak man,
who almost drowned me and my brother {by holding us down in a pool}]