femme fatale siren song for avoiding trauma [part II]

Sarahland! Why this book is little more than mental illness a healthy reaction to being raised in an unhealthy way.

You can’t repress mother nature!

Reality can suck.

well, I did not see that coming:

the book is the best example of de-ranged mental illness – but it’s not – it is cultish brainwashing – the cult being the one that openly endorses male genital mutilation.

Sigmund Freud: I fell for the classic Freudian cover-up; missing a huge blind spot – trauma. I know, shockingly it’s not penis envy! God, the book is such a mess, and the abuse doesn’t even have to be an outright act ….
it can be just as likely out of neglect –

i am tired.

sex is powerful, primal, runs super deep:
sex is a deep, deep delivery system [it bypasses rationality via the passions]
and porn is an expression of; not the lack of sex, but meaningful love?
sarahland was porn

hurt people hurt people

the book was triggering for two reasons; one, I used to write in similar fashion [coming from a disillusioned, lost, frustrated, angry, fearful, hateful place; two, i also suffered from the negative effects of male genital mutilation
Damn you Radical Honesty!

at 18, me, along with everyone, is responsible for how they treat others
and myself/ourselves.