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“So what is it? What did we do wrong? We have over-socialized ourselves. We moved into the cities, lived on top of eachother, talked too much, made too many rules, went to school too long. Now we have added TV and the internet to that, and we are over-saturated, like an ant that has eaten too much apple cider. We are permanently buzzed on society, and cannot turn off, or even turn down, the superego. The superego is hypertrophied, constantly flexed like some strange bodybuilder, and the instincts are crushed under its bulk. We hear a constant patter of “I can’t do that” or “I must do that”. That is the cataleptic channel. The orders are so constant and so loud and so contradictory that the body and mind simply shut down at last. If we are not in some brainless routine, we are lost.” –

serf’s up!

or how i stopped worrying and learned to love _____

that is a raccoon in a tree outside my apartment – the crows were not happy in the mourning, and thus i also was slightly perturbed [caw! caw!]
is twitter a school of fish or a flock of birds?
[amberjack, being hunted/played with by dolphins]
under the stars and bars: “Peace. Love. Understanding.” i.e., I got mine, why can’t we all sing kumbaya – no, not on my property, silly!
random pause in the deer hunter; subliminal messaging, anyone?
FIRE – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
hunched over, straight back, tight ass

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’tis a matter of perspective …

night-blooming cereus

Queen of the Night ?—

and the next day (the cereus only blooms for one night!):

good timing, good awareness, glad a woman saw me and explained the flower to me!– so many different random [!] factors … alleluia

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… for it was in the cards

wrote this a while ago, it’s been sitting a’round, since I don’t really bother much with ukraine any-more; it reminds me of this scene :

it is the learned and repeated story of the region: ukraine [the borderland ➠ 404] rebels, things do not go so well, a new master emerges …
Economic warfare? – how China disentangles with the united States?

Mazepa: “Get up and help me, you damned Swedish snowflake!” – yalensis

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recently :
After the visit to Ukraine of the heads of the State Department and the Pentagon, CNN writes about the change in Biden’s strategy for Russia. They decided that it was possible and necessary to defeat Russia on the battlefield.
Now it is believed that “military support for Ukraine could lead to serious strikes against Russia that would weaken its long-term military capabilities, which would be of strategic benefit to the United States.” The supply of weapons to Ukraine, CNN sources call “an investment in the neutralization of the Russian army and navy for the next decade.”

The US does not view Ukraine as anything other than one of Russia’s rebellious provinces (which the US has skillfully mutinied). Therefore, the destruction of Ukraine and its transformation into the Wild Field is also pure weakening of Russia.

on the homefront; the ministry of truth:

I feel like this just goes too far into Punk’d territory – like, seriously, am i to believe that this is the future Minister of Truth ?!? – by the way, I hate the Biden labelling – this is the united States’ disinformation department – and would have been implemented one way or another regardless of who is “president” – it is a corporate decision, not a personal one …

“It would be no sin if statesmen learned enough of history to realize that no system which implies control of society by privilege seekers has ever ended in any other way than collapse.” 

William Dodd, US Ambassador to Germany, 1933 [from jesse]

“They lived for something else in this world than to be experimented upon for the stamping out of a particular disease.  A large and increasing portion of the public were of the opinion that the best way to get rid of smallpox and similar diseases was to use plenty of water, eat good food, live in light and airy houses, and see that the Corporation kept the streets clean and the drains in order.  If such details were attended to, there was no need to fear smallpox, or any of its kindred; and if they were neglected, neither vaccination nor any other prescription by Act of Parliament could save them.”  – JT Biggs, Leicester: Sanitation versus vaccination.  1912. P.117, quoted in S Humphries MD, R Bystrianyk.  Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History.  2013.
” –

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