lviv needs to leave the kyivan-rus!

some interesting info about yugo-SLAVIA from 30 years ago?

i don’t even want to read the articles … waste of my time.
why is it a waste of time? Free-Dumb! Putin = D-evil. Communism!
god knows i would hate to live under an authoritarian regime – could you imagine being coerced/manipulated/lied to take “experimental gene or cell therapies never before used in humans that have no track record of efficacy or safety” and being locked in your house for 2 years! yikes, not in the land of the free! keep that kind of non-sense in “communist” russia and china!

Communism is a slogan to stop thinking and discussion

one man, one vote – unless the ukrainians vote for the wrong guy. Then it’s orange revolution! 2014 Coup! Lviv’s [and US’ puppets] lose in elections [more transparent and honest than american elections] and it’s down with democracy …

ever heard about that that kuchma guy? not even to mention the history of england’s machinations on the continent, including proxies against russia …

That said, in my humble opinion, nothing is going to avert a long smoldering war. Easier to focus on war when the truth about covid bubbles to the surface, when the reality of massive inflation sweeps into the grocery stores … the Great Reset is afoot – and Ukraine and Zelensky are at the forefront!

It’s like a teenager locked in his room until 18, and then that pent up rage is unleashed on the world at large! Gee, sure am glad Europe went hardcore on the lockdowns!
Berzerkers! Spring Break! Rumspringer!

More somber, however. If Ukraine is to one day be legitimate and free, it would be far easier under Putin’s Russia – why? because in 100 years, Putin will be dead, and his far less capable successor’s will have faltered, and thee Ukraine can be free and strong as a break-away republic [or, knock on wood, the economic power will remain in Moscow, art will be homed in Saint Petersburg, and the spirit/heart of kyiv-rus will be in Kyiv. If thee Ukraine joins the EU and the US, it will continue to be pillaged and raped ’till kingdom come …

you reap what you sow …
and this harvest ain’t gonna be perty …

late addition:
“I want ordinary Western people hear me, too,” Putin said. “You are being persistently told that your current difficulties are the result of Russia’s hostile actions and that you have to pay for the efforts to counter the alleged Russian threat from your own pockets. All of that is a lie.”
  “The truth is that the problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of many years of actions by the ruling elite of your respective countries, their mistakes, and short-sighted policies and ambitions. This elite is not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-serving interests and super profits.”

bonus local tracks:

myths of my youth (yutes)

an ode to the delusional … americans who don’t realize they are the peasantry, and not noble in the least – ya’ know, the ones who look down on blacks/communists/gays/feelings/dreams/life/liberals/conservatives/dems or reps/free-honest men/ ya’ know, the real poor schmucks!!! –
“People with advantages are loathe to believe that they just happen to be people with advantages. They come readily to define themselves as inherently worthy of what they possess; they come to believe themselves ‘naturally’ elite; and, in fact, to imagine their possessions and their privileges as natural extensions of their own elite selves.”
– C. Wright Mills
always looking down, because if they ever looked up at their rich gods flying over them in their gulfstreams …

I remember going on a tour cruise in the canals of miami with John, Donna, Harry [Hryhorii], Stephanya, Marko, and myself – we toured the palaces of the truly material success stories. The mansions on the islands were the respites of such luminaries as Madonna (Ma-Donna)! Yikes, did not see religion jump in right here, but it fits almost too well – “Material Girl” “Like a Virgin”. Gee whitakers, american culture was really in your face in the 80’s [Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, slowly turning white before our very eyes! – I mean, that is some snow-white level magic playing out in real time!]!

This was the only show I remember watching with parents that were somewhat amused in my early age:

the altar in our home, the gods of my parents

Holy Moly! What cognitive dissonance! My parents war-shipped rich shallow assholes (a constant cry of Donna’s was always “why won’t Stephanya, Marie, and/or Olga ever accept me?!?). Never satisfied with John’s earnings, and the most frugal of women I have ever met (straight depression mindset – she learned to sow so that she could wear fancy dresses but never bothered to learn how to cook, no – just feed the children the re-heated left-overs of her mother’s – literally the best Ukrainian cook in the metro detroit area! – nope, don’t bother learning that – not like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach … and she wondered why John (to be fair, he was also a momma’s boy) would eat dinner at Stephanya’s before returning to his gold-diggin’ wife!- by the way, no blame. Donna lives in fear – and her solution is money = safety = alleviation of fear = but it doesn’t work, so it’s always more, more, more … never good enough)

yikes, I digress. The culture I was supposed to emulate in order for Donna to win the love and affection of her mother, Anna (to fill the gaping hole that never received the unconditional love a child is meant to receive from his/her mother – due to the trauma of WWII? hunger? displacement? Hardy-har-Hardy!- it’s almost like her life-long obsession to learn how to bake pascha was actually a longing to feel the warmth she felt as a child when her mother, Anna, would open the oven – that blast of warm air was the closest she ever got to Anna sharing a “love” with her!

that is probably why I learned to cook. Day long gumbo from scratch, super slow roasts in the oven, keeping a bone broth going for a week …)

I am the black sheep of the Iwaniec family; it is much easier when one can blame all the inter-family problems on one person – it lifts having to look at one’s actions …

Ooh, I devolve into the scapegoat mechanism of Rene Girard:
this serious series highlights memes, the ridiculous breadth of Christianity, and how scapegoating works

to be continued, since I started this at 6 AM, and now I must prepare for 7 AM basketball this fine day, saturn-day, fifth of birch month, the 2022 year since the birth of our lord …

oh, and Harry wept when presented with the comparison to the material indulgences laid before him, for he felt like a failure! Yay! American Culture at its finest!

purpose – to never return to the dead life – Matthew 8:22

to my christian brothers

the beauty of proper rules, patience, guidance, higher purpose

Beethoven was inventive, Mozart followed his rules and created beauty.
Rule and Order gives the feminine the safe space to do what the feminine is meant to do: bring beauty into the world … [i am not implying mozart was feminine, just that much is possible if the rules are set up to allow beauty to flourish]

That does not mean the traditional rules do not change over time, of course they do! But those decisions are to be made slowly, and judiciously. Why? Because you are not changing rules just for yourself, silly! No, you are changing the rules for the next one, two, three (…?) generations.

“The Peacemaker taught us about the Seven Generations. He said, when you sit in council for the welfare of the people, you must not think of yourself or of your family, not even of your generation. He said, make your decisions on behalf of the seven generations coming, so that they may enjoy what you have today.”

Oren Lyons (Seneca)
Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation


Order out of Chaos – some organization or other – Ordo Ab Chao
* i have no idea if this is russian propoganda, it likely is. the russian pravda is in the same vein as american pravda [“news”]. What is real in a world of memes? [if true, it be true since 18.9.14]

I will close on a beautiful note, a palate cleanser, if you will. Eve, after she has bit the apple in the garden of eden, offering Adam a contract proposal: Give me your heart and soul, and I will give you the life of a rose …

i bid you adieu, on an higher ideal

and a poem I wrote on Monday, 15.11.2010 …


and so it goes.
a world so full deceit.
one can no longer trust the bearers of one’s life.
so quick to pass the responsibility of knowledge.
so insecure.

I am.
Trying to overtake my past programming.
Am I programmed to fight myself?
A house divided can not stand.
My family is shattered.

Yet I still stand.
A rock, I try to be, against the relentless waves.
Dumb as a rock.
For a thousand years I must overtake,
Before my earthly body relents.

I seek the light.
So confused, I wallow in the shallows.
But who am I, to question my forebearers?
I am I, all that I know.

In the end, one sees the light.
So simple, so pure.
Would God have it, any other way?
Mind games are just that.

Render unto Ceaser that which is his,
and to God that which is His.
The Kingdom of God is within You.
Dare you look?

– jah

the world tried to catch me, but could not

the epitath of Hryhorii Skovoroda

why equality between the sexes remains elusive [and followers] – DE-VOTE TO WHOM?

[the traditional view vs the modern {WOKE}view] – or devotion defined

What is the most dangerous place to be in relation to a female? – Between her and her children. What is the most dangerous place to be in relation to a male? – Between him and God.

I absolutely love Amanda Palmer, but she has a vulnerability that is easily manipulated like most women – make her fearful for the safety of those around her, and you can make her do anything you want – e.g., give those she loves a harmful vaccine.

there is a beautiful koan (?) about a female devotee that wishes to study zen. She goes to a monastery, and asks to study under the master. The master sees she is sincere, but tells her that her presence will be a distraction to the other monks/devotees. She is simply too beautiful! And the students are still too weak. She leaves dejected. What does she do next?

That evening, on her voyage [back home? to another monastery/master?] she starts a fire for the evening. She places an iron rod into the fire. She cuts her hair while the iron gets scolding hot. Finished saying goodbye to her hair (grieving), she grabs the iron and scolds her face. She returns to the same monastery (best come-back ever? compare her come-back with kim kardashians!) and the master admits her on sight! That is devotion! She is a viking female warrior! She is Joan of Arc! She is Kassiani! She has just sacrificed the outward feminine! She is now ready to become a whole human being [holy]!

Trigger warning to the following-followers (?): to the wokesters, to feminists, to those who believe the sexes are equal, to the catholics, to the polish; to those who worship anything before God, tradition, ancestors … including those who war-ship their wives, their mothers, more than God. To quote Donna: “No! Not in front of the kids!” Women, step aside!

To Tadeusz Kościuszko:

[and this is why “ukraine” isn’t real; the people only follow hugely charismatic leaders – be it Bohdan Zynoviy Mykhailovych Khmelnytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Adolph Hitler, or Zelensky – I do not blame Zelensky, I blame the idiots who voted for him – peasant farmers following tell-a-vision rather than that other famous guy; what was his name?- died and rose from the dead, i tell ya …]

If on the road to enlightenment, one comes across buddha – kill buddha.
[do not follow one’s idols all the way]

Taras Bulba was adament that his sons would not go to Krakow [the kyiv academy, overseen by polish nobility, was feminine enough]

This is the current president of thee Ukraine:

Hardy HAR har! A jewish comedian! All valiant warriors, defenders of your faith! Line up behind this puppet! Follow larry david to fight the Kyivan-Rus!
the final joke is on him: he chose not to clean up after himself! A man cleans himself up. Eh, easier to cut off one’s foreskin [sacrificing the sexual pleasure of both women and men!] than clean the piss of one’s own cock! HAR! Very funny indeed! Get to a BAR! HAR-BAR!


This is to say that Zelensky is an actor, and a shitty comedian. It means he is laughably unqualified for the office he holds (if it were anything but a facade to western imperialism).


the fact that he is jewish is a great cover for the crazy ukrainian nazis

Mardi Gras! Spring Break Forever!

3:15 AM, March 1, Saint Petersburg, Florida …
I was watching an interview, it being the last day I allowed myself to smoke before lent preparations …

I consider Amanda Palmer one of my spiritual mothers; a joan of arc when it comes to honesty.

There is loud, annoying banging coming from the apartment complex building next to my window. I go check it out. I find a young woman there, apparently locked out. I saw her earlier in the day, so I know she was staying with the Cadillac young men. I go outside, and ask her what’s going on.

She was either not interested or capable of intelligeble responses. She’s shaking, and banging louder and louder. I get a little closer. She is only wearing a tight yoga outfit, and is generally disheveled. Drunk, something else? I ask where she’s from – Michigan. No, like are you from around here? Where are you coming from? A few more questions – no keys, no phone, no wallet; she doesn’t even have any footwear.

I ask for a little more information as her banging on the door gets louder and more incessant. I tell her to stop, since it is clear that what she is doing is not working. I get my coat because I am slightly cold, and she clearly was a shivering. When I go to hand it to her, she initially turns and cowers in fear.
[After about 30 minutes, the situation is finally resolved mind you, I don’t have this particular neighbor’s phone no., nor is the landlord answering the phone, and banging on every door and window also did not work. and yes, both cadillac men were in the apartment during this time, but apparently instead of looking out the window or asking what was going on, me and the young woman had a shotgun pointed at us, unbeknownst to me at the time – Yay!]

At 18, I went on spring break with Derek, Tracy, and Tracy. Donna bought me a fifth of stolichnaya and hennessy. The second night in Madiera Beach, away from John and Donna, we settled in to watch the 1997 ncaa mens’ basketball championship between Arizona and Kentucky (Arizona was robbed, I tell you!). Anyways, a fifth of vodka (mixed with pepsi, tip of the ol’ hat to the drink of choice of one Jan Iwaniec) during my first real drinking experience. [needless to say, I spent most of the night with my head in the toilet – I assume I was close to alcohol poisoning? – ]

My first time away from John and Donna, with access to alcohol, and what do I do? I unconsciously/unknowingly attempt to drink myself to death. Ah, the vestiges of growing up – Freedom! Oblivion! Death! ….

I would not wish the next 20 years on my enemies.

It’s the lying that I will not tolerate. It’s the use of words that people have no real definition for.

The most important being love.

Yay!- I do believe my rite of passage into adulthood has been addressed.

You know, I sure am glad things were easy back then … Hello world! [initiate self-destruct sequence]