новая цель / намерение

lana del rey – t.s. eliot – burnt norton (interlude)
so many rainbows dancing in the moist air
by ben buxta, the bohemian
arya bhavan
palm tree row (l.a. style)
passages between worlds
zen key west
possession is 9/10’s of the law
former mayor’s mansion – 1926 –
how watermelons grow; who knew?

” According to Analects 8:8, he said: “It is through the Odes (poetry) that a man’s mind is aroused, through the rules of ritual that his character is established, and through music that he is perfected… The only way for society to thrive is to be in tune with the universal norm indicated through music… Rituals are not simply a matter of decorum. They are the institutions, orders and norms that developed from primitive magical ritual and unite the universe with society. If one wants to know whether a kingdom is well governed, whether its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will provide the answer.”
– from https://thesaker.is/civilisation-or-barbarism-western-dusk-eastern-dawn/

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