eugenics is sometimes the nice thing to do

The power of thought, as Emerson says, is a spiritual power. It is the greatest power that man has at his disposal. The world today is in its present state simply as a result of mankind’s collective thinking; each nation is in its present state of either peace and prosperity; or poverty, murder and anarchy; simply as a result of its thinking as a nation; and each individual is what he is, and his life is what it is, and his circumstances are what they are, simply as results of his thoughts. – the power of thought ,

i will be moving to substack in due order ; and only posting sporadically here from now on

sometimes ya gotz to realize
when it’s time to quit
zee bullshit

pride cometh before the fall ?

[ more to come ]

  • auth – author – authority – authentic –
    an exploration on the stories we tell our selves … the ability to shape worlds …

berlin , 1920’s [ end of pride month – good riddance ]
politics – politeness – founding fathers (bribed and blackmailed back then)
everybody knows – epstein , banks , war , covid
what does it matter – complexity and apathy
[ also hyperbole – little know or care ]
and an inability to communicate or be honest
– goebbels big / little lie
the convenience of it , and of what difference ?
a little bit of matthew 13:11


central park – a fitting entrance for this post

the silence was only pierced with the
loquaciousness of spirits
revealing a vacuousness
of conversational exploration

[ lack of inherited wisdom ]

the rentiers lied back then
to start a war
no different this time around
[ zuccotti park , lo , i forgot to visit and mourn ]
unto connecticut :

i , too ,
was mostly silent
probably the last time
i see any and all
stranger …

[ we all have our paths ]

the dichotomy of hearing the wondrous blessings of family
all my life

i lay to the grave
the weakness

the last of my identity

to wit